Albright-Knox art gallery. Buffalo, N.Y.

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1905
Website :
Address : 1285 Elmwood Avenue, NY 14222 - 1096, Buffalo.
Note :
Création de la "Buffalo fine arts academy" en 1862 ; en 1905 adjonction d'un nouveau batiment : "Albright art gallery". - Changement de nom en 1961 : "Albright-Knox art gallery"
Field : Savoir et érudition. Musées
Variants of the name : Albright art gallery. Buffalo, N.Y.
Buffalo fine arts academy-Albright-Knox art gallery

Activities of Albright-Knox art gallery. Buffalo, N.Y. (29)

Auteur du texte (19)

Catalogue of an exhibition of original works by Leon Bakst
Sonia Delaunay
Heritage and horizon
Richard Diebenkorn
Arthur Dove
Winslow Homer
Color and field
Paintings by Clyfford Still. November 5-December 13, 1959. The Buffalo Fine arts Academy, Albright Art gallery, Buffalo...
Catalogue of contemporary paintings and sculpture
Catalogue of the paintings and sculpture
French painting of the 20 th century, 1900-1939
Catalogue of the 20th anniversary exhibition of the Cleveland Museum of Art
The Buffalo Fine arts academy Albright Art Gallery. |Catalog of the... annual exhibition of selected paintings by American artists
Elihu Vedder Memorial exhibition... November 30-December 30, 1929
[Catalogues d'expositions.]
The Buffalo Fine arts academy. Albright art gallery. The Academy Blue Book
Buffalo fine arts academy. Catalogue of engravings
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. Catalogue of Engravings

Éditeur scientifique (10)

Guillermo Kuitca
Close-cropped tales
American art in upstate New York
Dine, Oldenburg, Segal, painting, sculpture
May 2 through September 7, 1964. Three centuries of Niagara Falls
Masters bronzes selected from Museums and collections in America. February 1937. The Buffalo fine arts Academy Albright art Gallery
Catalog of an exhibition of paintings, water colors and drawings by Randall Davey. The Buffalo fine arts academy Albright art gallery. May 26th to June 7th...
Catalog of an exhibition of modern british etchings, circuited by the National gallery of Canada, Ottawa. The Buffalo fine arts academy. Albright art gallery. September 1st-30th...
Catalog of a loan exhibition of master prints and small sculpture onned by Buffalo residents... The Buffalo fine arts academy. Albright art gallery... May 6th-June 1st... [Prefatory by William M. Hekking]
The Buffalo fine arts academy. Albright Art gallery. [Catalogues d'expositions.]

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Masterworks at the Albright-Knox art gallery
Oruburaito-Nokkusu bijutsukan ten
Clyfford Still, 1904 - 1980

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