Lewis Lockwood

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Beethoven's symphonies
Music in Renaissance Ferrara, 1400-1505
Inside Beethoven's quartets
New Josquin edition Volume 11
La musica a Ferrara nel Rinascimento
Divertimento für Hermann J. Abs
Papers read at the Dufay quincentenary conference
The Counter-Reformation and the masses of Vincenzo Ruffo
Musicology and the computer
Vincenzo Ruffo and musical reform after the Council of Trent
Beethoven's sketches for Sehnsucht (Wo O 146)
Nottebohm revisited
On "parody" as term and concept in 16th-century music
A Sample problem of musica ficta : Willaert's Pater noster
A View of the early sixteenth-century parody-mass

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Essays on music in the Western world
Essays on music in the Western world

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