Association internationale des sciences économiques

Creation : 08-1949
Website :
Address : 23 rue Campagne-Première, Secrétariat, 75014, Paris.
Variants of the name : AISE
Asociación económica internacional (espagnol; castillan)
Association économique internationale. Paris
Association internationale de sciences économiques
Associazione economica internazionale (italien)
International economic association (anglais)
Internationale Vereinigung für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (allemand)
Meždunarodnaja associacija ekonomičeskih nauk

Activities of Association internationale des sciences économiques (46)

Éditeur scientifique (36)

Réforme structurelle et politique économique
Post-conflict economies in Africa
From commercial communication to commercial integration
The past, present and future of the European Union
The debt burden and its consequences for monetary policy
Economics and methodology
The determinants of national saving and wealth
Early steps in comparing East-West economies
Value and capital
Incomes policies
The economics of military expenditures
The economics of choice between energy sources
Peace, defence and economic analysis
Economic problems of agriculture in industrial societies
Economic relations between East and West
Economic consequences of the size of nations
The economics of education
Economics of international migration
The economics of take-off into sustained growth
The organization and retrieval of economic knowledge
Capital movements and economic development
Appropriate technologies for Third world development
Economic development in South Asia
Economic development with special reference to East Asia
Economic factors in population growth
Public economics
Backward areas in advanced countries
The theory of capital
Economic development for Africa South of the Sahara
Structural adjustment in developed open economies
Unemployment in Western countries
Econometric contributions to public policy
Le Rôle de la science et de la technologie dans le développement économique
Public economics
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