Groupe HEC. Direction de la recherche. Jouy-en-Josas, Yvelines

Country : France
Language : français
Address : 1 rue de la Libération, 78351, Jouy-en-Josas Cedex.
Note :
Créée en 1974, elle coordonne les projets de recherche menés par ses professeurs en liaison avec les entreprises, des organismes publics, des associations et des fondations

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Approval voting and arrow's impossibility theorem
Deferral, incomplete preferences and confidence
La dématérialisation dans les médias, l'art et la création
The economic consequences of increasing the international visibility of financial reports
Une étude empirique sur les débats et conflits lors de l'élaboration du budget
Exploring the role of objects in the transformation of logics
Awareness and equilibrium
Un bilan interprétatif de la théorie de l'agrégation logique
Do countries falsify economic data strategically ?
Does bargaining matter in the small firm's matching model ?
Does marketing and sales integration always pay off ?
Les enjeux du revenu de solidarité active, RSA
Analytic narrative
Bargaining power and supply base diversification
Belief-free equilibria in games with incomplete information
Building social business models
Confidence and ambiguity
Confidence in preferences
Consumer reactions to self-expressive brand display
Belief-free equilibria in games with incomplete information
Betting on machina's reflection example
Business and politics
Component-based structural equation modelling
Detecting attitude change with the implicit association test
Determinants of board members' financial expertise
Employment protection reform in search economies
Faut-il attribuer le revenu de solidarité active à 18 ans ?
An additively separable representation in the savage framework
Based [sic] II and the value of bank differentiation
Control at a distance as self-control
Dynamic awareness
L'analytique et le synthétique en économie
L'a priori et l'a posteriori en économie
Assessing the frequency and causes of out-of-stock events through store scanner data
Be yourself or rather be your brand ! Care of the self as a control tool in a cosmetics firm
Brand-extended self-construal
Competition for order flow smart order routing systems
Connaissance du prix par les enfants de 5 à 13 ans
Control and change, studying the process of institutionalisation
Discipliner les autres et agir sur soi
Equity and cash in intercorporate asset sales
Factoring out the impossibility of logical aggregation
Consumers' immediate memory for prices
Differences between domestic accounting standards and IAS
Does analyst following curb earnings management ? International evidence
Country institutional differences and multinational advantage in banking
La déformation continue des managers
Le développement d'offres de services dans les PMI
Disclosure and determinants studies, an extension using the divisive clustering method, DIV
The Drèze and Grossman-Hart criteria for production in incomplet markets
Dynamic modeling of web purchase behavior and e-mailing impact by Petri net
Accounting and the birth of the notion of capitalism
Le capital immatériel
A comparative test of the efficiency, focus and learning perspectives of outsourcing
Constructing the governable small practitioner
La construction d'une élite manageriale au Kazakhstan dans le contexte économique, politique et culturel
Does anonymity matter in electronic limit order markets ?
Engineering hedonic attributes to generate perceptions of luxury
Age-induced decision shrinkage, another avenue to repeat purchase
Competence, specificity and outsourcing
Controlling price volatility through financial innovation
An application of Ramsey theorem to stopping games
Balanced scorecard versus French tableau de bord
CEO compensation strategies
Conditional dependency of financial series
Consumer rapport to luxury
Continua of underemployment equilibria reflecting coordination failiures, also at walrasian prices
Does it pay to voluntarily disclose private information ?
Dynamic mean-variance analysis
Financing decisions of firms and central bank policy
Free trade and protection of intellectual property rights
Accounting education in France and its comparison with Chinese one
A benefit congruency framework of sales promotion effectiveness
Boundary conditions for generalized hedging point policies in stochastic manufacturing systems
Competitive equilibrium with moral hazard in economies with multiple commodities
Conditional volatility, skewness and kurtosis
Debt, liquidity and dynamics
Do consumers really know if the price is right ?
Entropy densities
Equilibrium and arbitrage in incomplete asset markets with fixed prices
Extreme correlation of international equity markets
Floor versus screen trading
A framework for the classification of accounts manipulations
Une approche institutionnelle pour diminuer le chômage de moitié
Approche socio-économique de la consommation des émissions sportives télévisuelles
Competition for listings
Equity trading systems in Europe
Existence and regularity of partially revealing rational expectations equilibrium in finite economies
Free access to the commons
Aggregate labour market fluctuations
Aggregation of coarse preferences
Analyse de la formation des prix pour le transport routier de marchandises, transports intérieurs longue distance
Applications pratiques de la théorie des coûts de transaction
L'approche PLS
Correlation structure of international equity markets during extremely volatile periods
Le cycle des paradigmes
Estimating Gram-Charlier expansions under positivity constraints
Évaluation subjective de la perception d'une activité par une approche ergonomique
Acquiring partners' capabilities
Annoncer à l'avance un nouveau produit
Another look at strategy-structure relationships
Are common swings in international stock returns justified by subsequent changes in national outputs ?
Capital controls policy, an intertemporal perspective
Confiance et recherche-intervention
Contrôle interne et gouvernement des entreprises
Corporate governance
La délocalisation industrielle vers les pays à faible niveau de salaire
Density-embedding functions
The determinants of equilibrium unemployment
Earnings management to exceed thresholds
Efficient intertemporal allocations with recursive utility
Les enjeux socio-organisationnels de gestion par projet
Estimation et interprétation des densités neutres au risque
Accounting for brands, a comparison between IASC, France and Germany
Anticipating the evolutions and outcomes of strategic alliances between rival firms
Apportioning damages for multi-party accidents with unobservable avoidance costs
Apports de l'approche écologique à l'analyse de la survie de populations d'entreprises
Arbitrage trading and index option pricing at SOFFEX
Changes in the structure and dynamics of european securities markets
Contrasting the evolutions and outcomes of "scale" and "link" alliances, evidence from the global auto industry
Control modes in international service operations
La coopération européenne en matière d'enseignement de la gestion prisonnière de la subsidiarité ?
Créer une gamme de didacticiels d'anglais destinés aux adultes
A descriptive study of the french food retailing industry
L'effet de la concurrence sur la structure optimale de la rémunération d'une force de vente
L'entreprise de l'âge de l'information face au temps
Les fonctions de l'euro pour le Standort Deutschland
Les alliances entre firmes concurrentes
Alternative distributed models for the comparative study of stock market phenomena
Appropriation of resources within horizontal merges and acquisitions
Competence of the firm and strategic alliances
Determinants of capital flows to mutual funds
The devil's horns
The economic advantage of nations
An empirical research on cross-border alliances in the french banking sector
Estimating the instantaneous volatility and covariance of risky assets
A la recherche des facteurs de croissance
Analyse "chaotique" des séries chronologiques
Business forces driving audit
Les choix logistiques de la grande distribution
Le commerce en Europe
Comptabilité, économie et gestion en France, ou La difficile émergence d'une "science des comptes"
Coopération inter-entreprises et création de ressources
L'économie des coûts de transaction, un bilan des études empiriques
Entreprise, éthique des affaires et société
European acquisitions by French banks
European retailing
Fad behavior in initial public offerings
American path-dependent options
Les analyses de la filière
Une approche conceptuelle de l'ingénierie financière
Asymétrie d'information, augmentation de capital et endettement
Audit du stress professionnel
Black-scholes approximation of complex option values
Black-scholes approximation of warrant prices
Control modes in international service operations
Convergence of stochastic approximation coupled with perturbation analysis in a class of manufacturing flow control models
Cross-border acquisitions in the European strategy of French banks
Diffusion coefficient estimation and asset pricing when risk premia and sensitivities are time varying
Discounted costs, obsolescence and planned stockouts with the EOQ formula
Efficient risk sharing with restricted access to capital markets
Epistémologie des modèles de la métapsychologie et sémiologie psychosomatique
L'évaluation des performances des centres de coûts discrétionnaires
Achats proactifs et évolutions stratégiques actuelles - partenariat et relations clients-fournisseurs
Les acquisitions dans les stratégies européennes des banques françaises
Alliances internationales
A measure of the risk of default for highly indebted countries
Approximate solutions and bounds for a class of piecewise deterministic control systems
Approximate solutions for large-scale continuous-time stochastic manufacturing flow control problems
Asset specificity and organizational arrangements in the new telecommunications services market
Balance of complementary assets and stability conditions of a dynamic transactions costs theory of alliances
Le benchmarking
Conditional correlation in international equity returns
La convergence des buts
Cross-border alliances of french banks in Europe
Currency option pricing in credible target zones
Foreign investment risk and the multinational corporation
Achat proactif et évolutions stratégiques actuelles
The analysis of discrete configurations of governance structures
Analytical solutions to the pricing of American bond and yield options
L'appréciation comme pratique fondamentale de développement de l'équité en GRH
Atelier flexible
B-COD, la conception orientée
The comparative statics of changes in risk revisited
A contingent claim analysis of a regulated depository institution
Culture - maîtrise - liberté
The European strategies of French banks
La formation, un investissement stratégique
AFM, un modèle d'analyse de la formation au management
Les alliances stratégiques
Au-delà du réductionnisme technique
Comprendre les alliances stratégiques
Cournot competition, forward markets and efficiency
Le coût, mesure ou évaluation?
The distribution of daily stock returns and settlement procedures
Duopoly, inventories and futures market
Dynamic duopoly with learning through market experimentation
The evolution of auditing in France
And [sic] exact solution to the portfolio choice problem under transactions costs
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