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Nonlinear-emission photonic glass fiber and waveguide devices
Progress in photon science
A laboratory manual in biophotonics
Group theory in solid state physics and photonics
Applications of modern RF photonics
Handbook of photonics for biomedical engineering
De la chromothérapie à la médecine photonique
Optics, light and lasers
Computational liquid crystal photonics
Three-dimensional microfabrication using two-photon polymerization
Photonic materials for sensing, biosensing and display devices
Inorganic glasses for photonics
Principles of photonics
Photoptics 2014
Complexity and control in quantum photonics
Colloque international d'auriculomédecine, auriculothérapie et médecine photonique
Lasers in cardiovascular interventions
Nonlinear optical cavity dynamics
Photon management in solar cells
The current trends of optics and photonics
Fundamentals of microwave photonics
Understanding biophotonics
Actes des rencontres d'auriculothérapie, d'auriculomédecine, médecine photonique et cranioacupuncture, Besançon, samedi 14 et dimanche 15 juin 2014
Neue Entwicklungen in der Additiven Fertigung
Microscopic imaging through turbid media
Additive Fertigung mit Selektivem Lasersintern (SLS)
Light localisation and lasing
Photonics technology and instrumentation
Silicon photonics design
Photonics and electronics with Germanium
Photonics Volume 4
Biophotonics for medical applications
Low Threshold Organic Semiconductor Lasers
Excitonic and photonic processes in materials
Metal-organic frameworks for photonics applications
Ferroelectric crystals for photonic applications
The Physics and Engineering of Compact Quantum Dot-based Lasers for Biophotonics
Molecular plasmonics
Collective plasmon-modes in gain media
Integrated devices for quantum information with polarization encoded qubits
Dynamics of Quantum Dot Lasers
Lasers in Materials Science
Nano-photonics in III-V Semiconductors for Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits
Towards a Compact Thin-Disk-Based Femtosecond XUV Source
Precision Interferometry in a New Shape
X-Ray Lasers 2012
Photonic network-on-chip design
Small scale optics
Inside the photon
Microscopy applied to biophotonics
Laser-Plasma Interactions and Applications
Laser Technology in Biomimetics
Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Engineered Metal-Glass Nanocomposites
Ultrathin Metal Transparent Electrodes for the Optoelectronics Industry
Computational photonics
Finite element modeling methods for photonics
Carbon nanotubes and graphene for photonic applications
Nano-optics for enhancing light-matter interactions on a molecular scale
Actes du premier Colloque international d'auriculothérapie, auriculomédecine et médecine photonique, Dijon, samedi 28 et dimanche 29 septembre 2013
Optics and photonics
Progress in nanophotonics 2
Single-photon generation and detection
All-optical noninvasive delayed feedback control of semiconductor lasers
The photophysics behind photovoltaics and photonics
Nonlinear photonics and novel optical phenomena
Silicon photonics
Note di fotonica
Biophotonique générale
Laser growth and processing of photonic devices
Single-photon imaging
Coherent Control of Four-Wave Mixing
Optical Supercomputing
Computational photonics
International conference on applications of optics and photonics
Nanophotonics and macrophotonics for space environments V
Lectures on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science 1
Silicon photonics II
Photonic structures inspired by nature
Computational photonics
Nanoscale photonics and optoelectronics
Photonique des Morphos
Composants et circuits pour liaisons photoniques en micro-ondes
Handbook of photonics for biomedical science
Compound semiconductor photonics
Fiber Bragg gratings
Optical performance monitoring
Laser diodes and their applications to communications and information processing
Introduction to THz wave photonics
Photonic microresonator research and applications
Information optics and photonics
Photonique des morphos
Laser Precision Microfabrication
Extreme photonics & applications
Ferroelectric crystals for photonic applications
Nanophotonics and nanofabrication
Optical supercomputing
Integrated optics
Advanced photonic structures for biological and chemical detection
Photonic microsystems
Generalized phase contrast
Nanoelectronics and photonics
Handbook of self assembled semiconductor nanostructures for novel devices in photonics and electronics
Photoresponsive polymers I-II
Photoresponsive Polymers II
Photonic crystals
Functionalized nanoscale materials, devices and systems
Silicon photonics
Photoresponsive polymers I
Advances in information optics ad photonics
Micro and nanoelectronics 2007
Nanophotonics with surface plasmons
Science of microscopy
Frontiers in surface nanophotonics
Surface plasmon nanophotonics
Photonic crystal fibers
Optical materials in defence systems technology IV
Optoelectronics materials and devices II
Optical nonlinearities in chalcogenide glasses and their applications
Optical nonlinearities in chalcogenide glasses and their applications
Springer handbook of electronic and photonic materials
Springer handbook of electronic and photonic materials
Frontiers in planar lightwave circuit technology
Photonics applications in astronomy, communications, industry, and high-energy physics experiments IV
D'où vient la lumière laser ?
Micro and nanoelectronics 2005
Micromechanical photonics
Optical materials in defence systems technology
Principles of lasers and optics
Nonblocking electronic and photonic switching fabrics
Wearable electronics and photonics
Photonics applications in astronomy, communications, industry, and high-energy physics experiments III
New photonics technologies for the information age
Photonics applications in astronomy, communications, industry, and high-energy physics experiments II
Nanophotonic materials
Optics, light and lasers
Micro and nanoelectronics 2003
Microwave photonics
Biophotonics Part B
Biophotonics Part A
Adhesive bonding in photonic assembly and packaging
Introduction to biophotonics
Integrated photonics
Nonlinear photonics
Polymers for photonics
RF photonic technology in optical fiber links
Conjugated polymer and molecular interfaces
Supramolecular photosensitive and electroactive materials
Active glass for photonic devices
Émission photonique en espace confiné
Glasses for photonics
Optics and photonics
Fiber Bragg gratings
Photonic devices for telecommunications
Photonique moléculaire
Applications of photonic technology 2
Handbook of photonics
Sol-gel and polymer photonic devices
Advancement of photonics for space
Current research and development in optical fiber communications in China
Optical sources, detectors and systems
Photonic probes of surfaces
Applications of photonic technology
Optical sources, detectors, and systems
Applied photonics
Photonic devices and systems
Optics, optoelectronics and photonics
Photonics in switching
An introduction to photonic switching fabrics
Organic materials for photonics
Polymers for electronic and photonic applications
Photonics in switching
Coherent quantum optics and technology
Intersubband transitions in quantum wells
Fundamentals of photonics
Nonlinear photonics
Photonic switching
High excitation and short pulse phenomena

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