Arthur Cecil Pigou (1877-1959)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Ryde, GB, 18-10-1877
Death : Cambridge, GB, 07-03-1959
Note :
Économiste. - Professeur au King's college de Cambridge, GB
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2100 7779

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Protective and preferential import duties
Socialism versus capitalism
Economics in practice
Essays in economics
Keynes's general theory
Lapses from full employment
The riddle of the tariff
Aspects of British economic history
Memorials of Alfred Marshall with Arthur Cecil Pigou (1877-1959) as Editor
Essays in applied economics
A study in public finance
Socialism versus capitalism
A. C. Pigou
Income revisited
Income, an introduction to economics, by A. C. Pigou,...
A Study in public finance
Aspects of British economic history 1918-1925
Lapses from full employment
The Transition from war to peace
Employment and equilibrium
The Political economy of war, by A. C. Pigou,...
Memorandum sur les crédits, la circulation et les fluctuations des changes, par... A. C. Pigou,...
The economics of welfare
The Economy and finance of the war, being a discussion of the real costs of the war and the way in which they should be met, by A. C. Pigou,...
Wealth and welfare, by A. C. Pigou,...
Conférence financière...

Mixed works (2)

Industrial fluctuations
The economics of welfare

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Arthur Cecil Pigou
Keynes versus Pigou
Arthur Pigou, 1877-1959
Feminism and anti-feminism in early economic thought

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