David Woodward (1942-2004)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Royal Leamington Spa, GB, 29-08-1942
Death : Madison, Wisc., 25-08-2004
Note :
Géographe. - Professeur à l'Université du Wisconsin, Madison (1980-2002)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1953 3235

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Plantejaments i objectius d'una història universal de la cartografia
Catalogue of watermarks in Italian printed maps, ca 1540-1600
Maps as prints in the Italian Renaissance
Catalogue of watermarks in Italian printed maps, ca 1540-1600
The maps and prints of Paolo Forlani
Roger Bacon's "map" and concepts of coordinates in the Middle Ages
Maps, music and the printer
New tools for the study of watermarks on sixteenth century Italian printed maps
Reality, symbolism, time, and space in medieval world maps
The Hermon Dunlap Smith center for the history of cartography
Maps and the rationalization of geographic space
Wax-engraving and the nineteenth-century american map trade
Scientific physical analysis of early maps
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[Textes des communications]

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Cartography in the European Renaissance
Cartography in the traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific societies
Cartography in the traditional East and Southeast Asian societies
Cartography in the traditional Islamic and South Asian societies
Art and cartography
Cartography in prehistoric, ancient and medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
The history of cartography
Five centuries of map printing

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Catalogue of watermarks in Italian printed maps
The maps of Paolo Forlani
IVe conférence internationale d'histoire de la cartographie Edimbourg 21-24 septembre 1971

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Sanuto globe-gores

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Studies in the history of discoveries

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