Grafton Elliot Smith (1871-1937)

Country : Australie
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Grafton, Australie, 15-08-1871
Death : Londres, 01-01-1937
Note :
Anatomiste, anthropologue, égyptologue et archéologue. - Professeur d'anatomie à l'École gouvernementale de médecine du Caire (1900-1909), puis à l'Université de Manchester (1910-1919), puis à l'"University college", Londres (en 1920-1937)
Variant of the name : Grafton Elliott Smith (1871-1937)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2129 7825

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The Royal mummies
The neural basis of thought
The evolution of the dragon
In the beginning
The diffusion of culture
Human history
The Migrations of early culture. A study of the significance of the geographical distribution of the practice of mummification as evidence of the migrations of peoples and the spread of certain customs and beliefs. Second impression
Culture, the diffusion controversy, by G. Elliott Smith,... Bronislaw Malinowski,... Herbert J. Spinden,... Alex. Goldenweiser,...
Tutankhamen and the discovery of his tomb, by the... Earl of Carnarvon and... Howard Carter
The Ancient Egyptians and the origin of civilization
The Evolution of the dragon, by G. Elliot Smith,...
The Royal mummies
Pott'sche Krankheit an einer ägyptischen Mumie aus der Zeit der 21. Dynastie (um 1000 v. Chr.)... Vorausgeschickt ist eine Skizze von Karl Sudhoff zur Einführung und Orientierung
Grafton Elliot Smith und Marc Armand Ruffer. Pott'scher Krankheit an einer ägyptischen Mumie aus der Zeit der 21. Dynastie (um 1000 v. Chr.)...
The Archaeological survey of Nubia, report for 1907-08. II. Report on the human remains, by G. Elliot Smith,... and F. Wood Jones,...
The physical characters of the mummy of Thoutmosis IV. - [2]

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Medecine, magic and religion
Ancient Egyptian medicine
The Papyrus Ebers
Psychology and ethnology
The threshold of the Pacific
The threshold of the Pacific
Conflict and dream
Ancient man in Britain, by Donald A. Mackenzie,... with a foreword by A. Elliot Smith,...

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Psychology and ethnology

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