Simon Somerville Laurie (1829-1909)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Édimbourg (GB), 13-11-1829
Death : Édimbourg (GB), 02-03-1909
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8132 7208

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On the philosophy of ethics
On the philosophy of ethics
Notes, expository and critical on certain British theories of morals
Studies in the history of educational opinion from the Renaissance, by S. S. Laurie,...
"Ethica" ou l'Éthique de la raison...
"Ethica", ou l'Éthique de la raison, par S. S. Laurie,... traduite sur la 2e édition anglaise, par Georges Remacle,...
"Metaphysica nova et vetusta" (retour au dualisme)
The Training of teachers and methods of instruction, selected papers by S. S. Laurie,...
Historical survey of pre-christian education, by S. S. Laurie,...
Lectures on language and linguistic method in the school, delivered in the University of Cambridge, Easter term 1889, by S. S. Laurie,...
Occasional addresses on educational subjects, by S. S. Laurie,...
The rise and early constitution of universities
Lectures on the rise and early constitution of universities, with a survey of mediaeval education, A. D. 200-1350, by S. S. Laurie,...
John Amos Comenius, bishop of the Moravians, his life and educational works, by S. S. Laurie,...
Synthetica Vol. 1. - Book 1

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La philosophie de S. S. Laurie

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