Olduvai Gorge (Tanzanie)

Topic : Olduvai Gorge (Tanzanie)
Source file : RAMEAU
Variant subject headings : Oldoway Gorge (Tanzanie)
Olduwai Gorge (Tanzanie)

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En África hace 1,7 millones de años
Deconstructing Olduvai
Deconstructing Olduvai
The Oldowan
Arqueologia cognitiva presapiens
Technological strategies in the lower pleistocene at Olduvai beds I & II
The year of the ghost
Lithic raw materials and their implications on assemblage variation and hominid behavior during bed II, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Olduvai Gorge Volume 5
Olduvai Gorge Volume 4
Early hominid activities at Olduvai
Olduvai Gorge... 3
Olduvai gorge 2

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