Reginald Campbell Thompson (1876-1941)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Londres, 21-08-1876
Death : Wallingford, GB, 23-05-1941
Note :
Historien de l'art, archéologue et assyriologue. - A été membre de la Society of Arts, Londres, GB
Variant of the name : Reginald Campbell Thompson (1876-1941)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0885 0032

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The epic of Gilgamesh
Assyrian medical texts from the originals in the British Museum
Bohuslav Martinu. The Epic of Gilgamesh. For soloists (soprano, tenor, bariton, bass), mixed chorus and orchestra. English translation by R. Campbell Thompson--Das Gilgamesch-Epos. Für Soli... gemischten Chor und Orchester. Deutsche Fassung von A. H. Eichmann. Vocal score - Klavierauszug (Karlheinz Füssl)
A Dictionary of Assyrian botany
A Dictionary of Assyrian botany, by the late R. Campbell Thompson,... [Preface by Barbara Campbell Thompson.]
The Prisms of Esarhaddon and Ashurbanipal, found at Nineveh, 1927-8, by R. Campbell Thompson,... [Preface by George F. Hill.]
A Century of exploration at Nineveh, by R. Campbell Thompson,... and R. W. Hutchinson,...
A Century of exploration at Nineveh
A Century of exploration at Niniveh
A Catalogue of the late Babylonian tablets in the Bodleian library, Oxford, by R. Campbell Thompson,...
On the chemistry of the ancient Assyrians, by R. Campbell Thompson,...
Assyrian medical texts, by R. Campbell Thompson,...
Assyrian medical texts...
Asia minor. Route survey between Angora. Kaisarie and Eregli
Semitic magic, its origins and development, by R. Campbell Thompson,...
The sculptures and inscriptions of Darius the Great on the rock of Behistûn in Persia
Late Babylonian letters : transliterations and translations of a series of letters written in Babylonian cuneiform, chiefly during the reigns of Nabonidus, Cyrus, Cambyses and Darius. By R. Campbell Thompson,...
The Devils and evil spirits of Babylonia, being Babylonian and Assyrian incantations against the demons, ghouls, vampires, hobgoblins, ghosts and kindred evil spirits, which attack mankind. Translated from the original cuneiform texts, with transliterations, vocabulary, notes, etc., by R. Campbell Thompson,... Vol 1 : Evil spirits. [Vol. 2 : Fever sickness and headache, etc.]
On traces of an indefinite article in Assyrian, by R. Campbell Thompson,...
The Reports of the magicians and astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon, in the British Museum. The original texts, printed in cuneiform characters, edited with translations, notes, vocabulary, index and an introduction, by R. Campbell Thompson,... Vol. 1 : The Cuneiform texts. [Vol. 2 : English translations, (transliterations,) vocabulary, etc.]
Introduction : The Excavations at Wadi Sarga. - [1]

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