Geological society of London

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Creation : 1807
Commercial activities : Éditeur
Field : Sciences de la Terre
Variant of the name : Geological society. Londres

Activities of Geological society of London (73)

Éditeur scientifique (67)

Reservoir quality of clastic and carbonate rocks
Supercontinent cycles through earth history
Geology and religion
The geology of central Europe 1
The geology of central Europe 2
Structure and emplacement of high-level magmatic systems
Four centuries of geological travel
The role of women in the history of geology
History of palaeobotany
Cores from the northwest European hydrocarbon province
The geologist's directory 1996
Salt tectonics
Milestones in geology
Russian-style formation evaluation
Geological and landscape conservation
The geologist's directory 1994
A revised correlation of Precambrian rocks in the British Isles
Himalayan tectonics
Geology of England and Wales
Geology of the Brent group
A guide to stratigraphical procedure
United Kingdom oil and gas fields
The Cadomian orogeny
Geological applications of wireline logs [I]
Alpine tectonics
Magmatism in the ocean basins
Origins and evolution of the Antarctic biota
The Caledonian-Appalachian orogen
Early Tertiary volcanism and the opening of the NE Atlantic
Lacustrine petroleum source rocks
Alkaline igneous rocks
Deformation of sediments and sedimentary rocks
Desert sediments
Fluid flow in sedimentary basins and aquifers
Geochemistry and mineralization of Proterozoic volcanic suites
Geology and geochemistry of abyssal plains
Planning and engineering geology
The english Zechstein and related topics
Evolution of the Lewisian and comparable Precambrian high grade terrains
Groundwater in engineering geology
Marine petroleum source rocks
The nature of the lower continental crust
North Atlantic palaeoceanography
The ophiolite of northern Oman
Palaeoecology and biostratigraphy of graptolites
Site investigation practice
Geophysical logs in British stratigraphy
Acritarchs in British stratigraphy
Trilobites in British stratigraphy
Jurassic Part 2
Jurassic Part 1
Sources of information for the literature of geology
Memoir of the geological society of London
Catalogue of the books and maps in the library of the geological society of London
Geological society special report

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The value of outcrop studies in reducing subsurface uncertainty and risk in hydrocarbon exploration and production
[Recueil. Catalogues d'éditeur]
A geological map of England and Wales

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Geological map of the Santorini Islands

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Geological map of the Santorini Islands

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The making of the Geological Society of London
Whatever is under the earth
The history of the Geological Society of London

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