Conference board of the mathematical sciences

Address : 1529 eighteen street, NW, Washington, DC 20036.
Note :
Organisme permanent sans doute international constitué de différentes societés membres. - A ses propres conferences "CBMS regional research conference"
Variants of the name : CBMS
Conference board of mathematical sciences
Junta de conferencias de ciencias matematicas
Junta directiva de las ciencias matematicas
Soveŝatelnaâ kollegiâ po matematičeskim naukam
Sovet konferencii matematičeskih nauk

Activities of Conference board of the mathematical sciences (51)

Éditeur scientifique (49)

Ergodic theory and fractal geometry
Families of Riemann surfaces and Weil-Petersson geometry
Lectures on three-manifold topology
Euler products and Eisenstein series
Index theory, coarse geometry, and topology of manifolds
Metrics, connections and gluing theorems
Algebraic analysis of solvable lattice models
Geometric analysis and functions spaces
Stochastic curve estimation
Classical aspherical manifolds
Issues in mathematics education
Algebraic ideas in ergodic theory
Weak convergence methods for nonlinear partial differential equations
Some topics in probability and analysis
Introduction to arrangements
J contractive matrix functions, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces and interpolation
Nonlinear wave equations
NSF-CBMS regional conference series in probability and statistics
Jordan algebras in analysis, operator theory, and quantum mechanics
Operator theory, analytic functions, matrices, and electrical engineering
Group rings, crossed products, and Galois theory
Minimax methods in critical point theory with applications to differential equations
New constructions of functions holomorphic in the unit ball of Cⁿ
Analysis on non-Riemannian symmetric spaces
Factorization of linear operators and geometry of Banach spaces
Prescribing the curvature of a Riemannian manifold
Harish-Chandra homomorphisms for p-adic groups
Dual algebras with applications to invariant subspaces and dilation theory
Introduction to intersection theory in algebraic geometry
Ten lectures on operator algebras
Selected topics in harmonic maps
Closed geodesics on Riemannian manifolds
Brown-Peterson homology
Homology and dynamical systems
Topics in dynamic bifurcation theory
Dimensions and C*-algebras
Rudiments of Ramsey theory
An introduction to the theory of special divisors on algebraic curves
Special functions and linear representations of Lie groups
Approximation with rational functions
Representations of finite Chevalley groups
Some recent developments in operator theory
Small fractional parts of polynomials
Transference methods in analysis
Banach spaces of analytic functions and absolutely summing operators
CBMS-NSF regional conference series in applied mathematics
Algebraic and analytic aspects of operator algebras
Regional conference series in mathematics

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Geometric methods in mathematical physics
Numerical solution of systems of nonlinear algebraic equations

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