George Grote (1794-1871)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Clay Hill, GB, 17-11-1794
Death : Londres, 18-06-1871
Note :
Helléniste. - Historien. - A été vice-chancellor de l'University of London, GB. - A été membre de plusieurs sociétés savantes et plus particulièrement "Historical society of Massachusetts and Philadelphia", USA
Variant of the name : Philip Beauchamp (1794-1871)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2130 4087

Activities of George Grote (1794-1871) (20 resources in

Textual works (20)

The influence of natural religion on the temporal happiness of mankind
Anglo-Irish theatre and the formation of a nationalist political culture between 1890 and 1930
An analysis of the influence of natural religion. - [1]
Plato and the other companions of Sokrates
Fragments on ethical subjects
Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind with George Grote (1794-1871) as Annotator
Fragments on ethical subjects, by the late George Grote,... being a selection from his posthumous papers. [Ed. by A. (Alexander) B. (Bain).]
La religion naturelle, son influence sur le bonheur du genre humain
The Minor works of George Grote, with critical remarks on his intellectual character, writings, and speeches, by Alexander Bain
Aristotle, by George Grote,... edited by Alexander Bain,... and G. Croom Robertson,...
Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind with George Grote (1794-1871) as Annotator
Plato and the companions of Sokrates, by George Grote,...
Histoire de la Grèce depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à la fin de la génération contemporaine d'Alexandre le Grand
Memoir of the life of Ary Scheffer,...
Plato's doctrine respecting the rotation of the earth and Aristotle's comment upon that doctrine, by George Grote,...
Lebens- und Charakter- Bilder griechischer Staatsmänner und Philosophen aus G. Grote's griechischer Geschichte, übersetzt und bearbeitet von Theodor Fischer
Geschichte Griechenlands, von Georg Grote. Nach der 2ten Auflage aus dem Englischen übertragen von N. N. W. Meissner,... [und vom 6ten Bande an fortgesetzt von Eduard Höpfner]
A History of Greece, by George Grote,...
A History of Greece, by George Grote. [Introduction by A. D. Lindsay.]

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