Ernest Barker (1874-1960)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Woodley (Royaume-Uni), 23-09-1874
Death : Cambridge (Royaume-Uni), 17-02-1960
Note :
Historien, spécialiste de l'histoire de la pensée politique
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0866 9831

Activities of Ernest Barker (1874-1960) (54)

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Essays on government
Political thought in England, 1848 to 1914
Age and youth. Memories of three universities and Father of the man. Sir Ernest Barker,...
Greek political theory, Plato and his predecessors, by sir Ernest Barker,... [4th edition.]
Political thought in England, 1848 to 1914. Sir Ernest Barker. 2nd edition
Principles of social and political theory, by Ernest Barker,...
Essays on government, by Ernest Barker,... 2nd edition
La Monarchie constitutionnelle anglaise. Sir Ernest Barker,...
National character and the factors in its formation
Traditions of civility, eight essays, by Sir Ernest Barker
The Character of England
The Ideas and ideals of the British Empire, by Sir Ernest Barker
Ideas and ideals of the British Empire
Britain and the British people
the Development of public services in Western Europe 1660-1930
Reflections of government
British statesmen
Principes et idéals de l'Empire britannique. Préface de Robert Mengin. Traduit de l'anglais par Simone Shastri
The Citizen's choice
Oliver Cromwell and the English people, by Ernest Barker
The Study of political science and its relation to cognate studies, by Ernest Barker,...
Ireland in the last fifty years (1866-1918), by Ernest Barker. 2d edition
Greek political theory. Plato and his predecessors, by Ernest Barker,...
Ireland in the last fifty years : 1866-1916
From Alexander to Constantine, passages and documents illustrating the history of social and political ideas, 336 B.C.-A.D. 337, translated... by Ernest Barker,...
Nietzsche and Treitschke, the workship of power in modern Germany, by Ernest Barker,... 5th impression
The Dominican Order and Convocation. A study of the growth of representation in the Church during the thirteenth century, by Ernest Barker,...
La Monarchie constitutionnelle anglaise par sir Ernest Barker,...
Principles of Social and Political Theory
Le Système parlementaire anglais
British constitutional monarchy, by sir Ernest Barker,...
Winston Churchill

Éditeur scientifique (4)

The social and political ideas of some great thinkers of the Renaissance and the Reformation
Social and political thought in Byzantium
The European inheritance
The Library of Greek thought

Traducteur (2)

Social and political thought in Byzantium
Natural law and the theory of society

Autre (2)

The Unity of Western civilization, essays arranged and edited by F. S. Marvin,...
Pourquoi l'Angleterre a pris les armes...

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