Ingemar Düring (1903-1984)

Country : Allemagne
Language : allemand
Gender : masculin
Birth : 02-09-1903
Death : 23-12-1984
Note :
Spécialiste de philosophie antique
Variant of the name : Hans Ingemar Düring (1903-1984)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1032 2511

Activities of Ingemar Düring (1903-1984) (17)

Auteur du texte (10)

Dos estudios sobre Alfonso Reyes
Aristotle in the ancient biographical tradition, by Ingemar Düring
Alfonso Reyes helenista
Aristoteles mannen och forskaren högtidsföreläsning vid arshögtiden 1953, av Ingemar Düring
Current Swedish periodical publications in the fields of science and learning... by Ingemar Düring
The Swedish school-reform, 1950, a summary of the government bill at the request of the 1946 school commission. Edited by Ingemar Düring
Aristotle's De Partibus animalium critical and literary commentaries by Ingemar Düring...
Herodicus, the Cratetean

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