Ciba foundation

Creation : 1947
org_stop_date : 09-1997
Address : Londres.
Note :
Fondation fondée en 1947 par la société suisse CIBA-GEIGY. Son rôle est de promouvoir la recherche en chimie, agriculture, médecine et biologie

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Éditeur scientifique (41)

Plasminogen-related growth factors
Telomeres and telomerase
Calcium waves, gradients and oscilations
Circadian clocks and their adjustment
Development of the cerebral cortex
Germline development
Ethnobotany and the search for new drugs
Further perspectives in organic chemistry
Corticotropin-releasing factor
The origins and development of high ability
The molecular basis of smell and taste transduction
Environmental change and human health
Experimental and theoretical studies of consciousness
Crop protection and sustainable agriculture
Functional anatomy of the neuroendocrine hypothalamus
Aluminium in biology and medicine
Interactions among cell signalling systems
Regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle
The childhood environment and adult disease
Host-guest molecular interactions
Clinical applications of TGF-ß
Exploring brain functional anatomy with positron tomography
Myopia and the control of eye growth
Neurobiology of incontinence
The biology of nicotine dependence
Bioactive compounds from plants
IgE, mast cells and the allergic response
Cell and molecular biology of vertebrate hard tissues
Research and the ageing population
Motor areas of the cerebral cortex
Autoimmunity and autoimmune disease
Junctional complexes of epithelial cells
Novel diarrhoea viruses
Tumour necrosis factor and related cytotoxins
Synthetic peptides as antigens
The growth of competence
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Ciba foundation symposium

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Editing scientific books and journals
Ciba foundation symposium

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