Harry Levin (1912-1994)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Birth : 18-07-1912
Death : 29-05-1994
Note :
Professeur de littérature comparée au Department of Comparative literature, Harvard university, Cambridge, Mass.
Variants of the name : Harry Levin Tuchman (1912-1994)
Harry Tuchman Levin (1912-1994)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1450 2878

Activities of Harry Levin (1912-1994) (19)

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The implications of literary criticism
Scenes from Shakespeare
Jerusalem embattled
The power of blackness
Memories of the moderns
Shakespeare and the revolution of the times
Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and the European horizon
Grounds for comparison
The Myth of the golden age in the Renaissance
The Myth of the golden age in the Renaissance
Why literary criticism is not an exact science
The gates of horns
James Joyce
The power of blackness
The Overreacher

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Levin, Harry. (NAF 28088 (181-202))

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