Helmut Sigel

Country : Suisse
Language : allemand
Gender : masculin
Note :
Écrit aussi en anglais
Chimiste. - Spécialisé en biochimie. - En poste à l'Institut de chimie inorganique de l'Université de Bâle, Suisse (en 1988)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0868 9744

Activities of Helmut Sigel (31)

Éditeur scientifique (31)

Metal-carbon bonds in enzymes and cofactors
Metallothioneins and related chelators
Nickel and its surprising impact in nature
The ubiquitous roles of cytochrome P450 proteins
Neurodegenerative diseases and metal ions
Metal complexes in tumor diagnosis and as anticancer agents
Metal ions and their complexes in medication
The lanthanides and their interrelations with biosystems
Molybdenum and tungsten
Probing of proteins by metal ions and their low-molecular-weight complexes
Manganese and its role in biological processes
Interrelations between free radicals and metal ions in life processes
Iron transport and storage in microorganisms, plants, and animals
Mercury and its effects on environment and biology
Interactions of metal ions with nucleotides, nucleic acids, and their constituents
Vanadium and its role in life
Handbook on metals in clinical and analytical chemistry
Electron transfer reactions in metalloproteins
Compendium on magnesium and its role in biology, nutrition, and physiology
Aluminum and its role in biology
Handbook on toxicity of inorganic compounds
Nickel and its role in biology
Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance to paramagnetic species
Concepts on metal ion toxicity
Antibiotics and their complexes
Calcium and its role in biology
Circulation of metals in the environment
Zinc and its role in biology and nutrition
Inorganic drugs in deficiency and disease
Carcinogenicity and metal ions

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