Owen Lattimore (1900-1989)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Washington (District of Columbia, États-Unis), 29-07-1900
Death : Providence (Rhode Island, États-Unis, 31-05-1989
Note :
Sinologue. - Professeur de relations internationales, John Hopkins university, Baltimore, Md. (dès 1938). - Conseiller du président Roosevelt auprès du gouvernement de Tchang Kaï-chek pendant la Seconde guerre mondiale
Variant of the name : Onen Lattimore (1900-1989)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0910 7611

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Desert road to Turkestan
High Tartary
China memoirs
Mongolian renascence
De l'autre côté de la Muraille
History and revolution in China
Mongolia once more
Mongolie, nomades et commissaires ["Nomads and commissars"]. Traduit de l'anglais
From China, looking outward...
Nomads and commissars
The Social history of Mongol nomadism
Studies in frontier history
Studies in frontier history
The "Temujin" theme in the Tso chuan
Nationalism and revolution in Mongolia, by Owen Lattimore. With a translation from the Mongol of Sh. Nachukdorji's Life of Sukebatur, by Owen Lattimore and Urgungge Onon...
Inner Asian frontiers of China, by Owen Lattimore,...
Pivot of Asia
La Genèse de la Chine moderne. Le pays et le peuple. Qui sont les chinois ? Les pays limitrophes...
La Genèse de la Chine moderne...
Solution in Asia
Descendants of Jenghis Khan. II) Mongols of the chinese border
The geographical factor in Mongol history
Origins of the great wall of China, a frontier concept in theory and practice
The Mongols of Manchuria...
On the wickedness of being nomads
The Gold tribe, "Fishskin Tatars of the lower Sungari, by Owen Lattimore
High Tartary
The desert road to Turkestan. Twentieth century travel through innermost Asia, along caravan trails over which oriental commerce was once borne from China to the Medieval Western world
Honour and loyalty

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Manchu Chinese colonial rule in Northern Mongolia
The Mongol world empire, 1206-1370
The Monguors of the Kansu-Tibetan frontier, their origin, history and social organization. Louis M. J. Schram,... With an Introduction by Owen Lattimore
Chinese agent in Mongolia
Outer Mongolia and its international position

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Mongolia part 1
Mongolia part 2

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[ 4 phot. du Turkestan chinois, par Lattimore en 1928. Don 1931]

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Memoirs and autobiography of a Mongol Buddhist reincarnation in religion and revolution

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The Cold War and academic governance
China memoirs
Asian frontier nationalism
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[Lattimore et son serviteur chinois à Kuldja]

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