Joseph Edkins (1823-1905)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Nailsworth (Gloucestershire), 19-12-1823
Death : Shanghai, 23-04-1905
Note :
Écrit aussi en chinois
Missionnaire protestant et sinologue, ayant vécu 57 ans en Chine, envoyé par la Société missionnaire de Londres
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8130 2772

Activities of Joseph Edkins (1823-1905) (20 resources in

Textual works (19)

Essays on Chinese poetry
The religious condition of the Chinese
Chinese currency, by J. Edkins,...
The Early spread of religious ideas especially in the far East
On Li T'ai-po, with examples of his poetry
Ancient symbolism among the Chinese, by Joseph Edkins,...
The Evolution of the Hebrew language, by Joseph Edkins,...
The Evolution of the Chinese language, as exemplifying the origin and growth of human speech, by Joseph Edkins,...
Deutsch-chinesisches Conversationsbuch nach Joseph Edkins' "Progressive lessons in the Chinese spoken language", von Joseph Haas. Zweite Auflage
La Religion en Chine
Chinese Buddhism, a volume of sketches, historical, descriptive and critical, by Rev. Joseph Edkins,...
Religion in China
Introduction to the study of the Chinese characters
A Catalogue of Chinese works in the Bodleian library
China's place in philology, an attempt to show that the languages of Europe and Asia have a common origin, by Joseph Edkins,...
A grammar of the Chinese colloquial language commonly called the Mandarin dialect
A grammar of the Chinese colloquial language, commonly called the Mandarin dialect
A Grammar of colloquial Chinese as exhibited in the Shanghai dialect, by J. Edkins,...
The Miau Tsi Tribes, by Rev. J. Edkins

Mixed works (1)

La religion en Chine. - Rev. Dr. J. Edkins,.... - [2]

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