Alfred Vincent Kidder (1885-1963)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Marquette, Mich., 29-10-1885
Death : Cambridge, Mass., 11-06-1963
Note :
Archéologue et anthropologue
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0928 5936

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Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala. A. Ledyard Smith and Alfred V. Kidder. With notes on the skeletal material, by T. D. Stewart
The Pendleton ruin
The Artifacts of Uaxactun
Excavations at Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala, by Alfred V. Kidder, Jesse D. Jennings, Edwin M. Shook. With technological notes by Anna O. Shepard
Archaeology of Northwestern Venezuela, by Alfred Kidder, II
Some early sites in the Northern Lake Titicaca basin
[On Maya research
The Pottery of Pecos. Vol. II. 1. The Glaze-paint, culinary and other wares, by Alfred Vincent Kidder. 2. The Technology of Pecos pottery, by Anna O. Shepard
The Artifacts of Pecos, by Alfred Vincent Kidder
The Pottery of Pecos, Volume I. The Dull-paint wares, by Alfred Vincent Kidder, with a Section on the Black-on-white wares, by Charles Avery Amsden
Summery of archaeological work in the Americas in 1925... [by A. V. Kidder, Marshall H. Saville and Sylvanus G. Morley. Foreword by L. S. Rowe.]
An Introduction to the study of Southwestern archaeology, with a preliminary account of the excavations at Pecos. By Alfred Vincent Kidder
An Introduction to the study of southwestern archaeology, with a preliminary account of the excavations at Pecos. By Alfred Vincent Kidder
Basket-maker caves of North-eastern Arizona, report of the explorations 1916-1917, by Samuel James Guernsey and Alfred Vincent Kidder,...
Archeological explorations in Northeastern Arizona
Pottery of the Pajarito plateau and of some adjacent regions in New Mexico, by A. V. Kidder

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Kidder, Alfred (NAF 28150 (178) - NAF 28150 (206))

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An Early archaeological site near Panuco, Vera Cruz. Richard S. MacNeish,... Foreword by Alfred V. Kidder

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Alfred V. Kidder

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