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Topic : Livres numériques
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Field : Sciences de l'information et de la documentation
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Livres électroniques
Livres en ligne
Livres interactifs
Livres multimédias
Livres numérisés
Livres virtuels interactifs

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Ce que le numérique fait aux livres
Délivrez-vous !
Le beau livre numérique, marché en devenir ou absence de marché ?
Livre numérique
Book Presence in a Digital Age
Baromètre 2017 de l'offre de livres numériques en France
Livres d'art numériques
The curse of cash
Edición en EPUB
Leyendo entre pantallas
Requirements engineering, foundation for software quality
Publishers, Readers, and Digital Engagement
Lectures numériques
Forgetting machines
Baromètre 2016 de l'offre de livres numériques en France
Les livres dans l'univers numérique
Citizens' wealth
The impact of pen and touch technology on education
Concepts and methods in infectious disease surveillance
Publier son livre à l'ère numérique
Where I'm reading from
Lévy matters V
Quantum lie theory
Real time deforestation detection using ANN and satellite images
Lessons from Fukushima
Data mining
Geoinformatics for intelligent transportation
The twin sister planets Venus and Earth
Computational counterpoint worlds
Validation of Evolving Software
Evaluation of fire flow methodologies
Encyclopedia of biometrics
The introverted presenter
The basics of financial modeling
University startups and spin-offs
The customer trap
Success in programming
Machine learning for audio, image and video analysis
Designing socially embedded technologies in the real-world
A multimodal end-2-end approach to accessible computing
Change everything
Commercializing innovation
Le livre numérique en bibliothèque
Managing elevated risk
Authentic problem solving and learning in the 21st century
Le livre numérique au présent
Rhétorique du texte numérique
Du bon usage des Lumières
Internet of things, user-centric IoT
Le livre numérique en bibliothèque
Books & Bookster
Lectorat numérique aujourd'hui
Het boek en het badwater
Gayatri Spivak
L'assassinat des livres par ceux qui oeuvrent à la dématérialisation du monde
The access manual
Real-time security extensions for EPCglobal networks
Les modèles économiques de l'édition de livres accessibles
Mixed lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings
Mobile publishing
Chlorophyll biosynthesis and technological applications
L'últim neandertal
Le livre numérique en questions
Local structural characterisation
Dictionary of energy
Electrical insulation for rotating machines
Statistical analysis techniques in particle physics
Design of rotating electrical machines
Heterogeneous catalysts for clean technology
Handbook on the economics of professional football
Protein aggregation in bacteria
Bio-inspired materials for biomedical engineering
Drawing and reinventing landscape
Genotype-by-environment interactions and sexual selection
Predictive ADMET
Fuel and combustion systems safety
E-Book-Piraterie im deutsch- und englischsprachigen Raum
Mount Sinai expert guides
Olefin metathesis
Multi-dimensional imaging
Epub 3.0
La distribution de livres face aux enjeux du numérique
9,99 [dollars], la guerre du livre numérique
Textual practices in the digital age
Global trade policy
Questo libro parlerà malissimo degli ebook
The handbook of solitude
Breast imaging
Energy and environment in Saudi Arabia
Multi tenancy for cloud-based in-memory column databases
Opening science
Le fantôme de l'Opéra
Reducing, refining and replacing the use of animals in toxicity testing
Biophysical methods for biotherapeutics
Advances in biological solid-state NMR
Remote sensing imagery
Come finisce il libro
Innovation policy
Dal libro all'epub
Le livre à l'heure numérique
Créer un EPUB
Das grosse ebook & e-reader abc
La totalità della parola
Bridging heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis
Physiological mechanisms and adaptation strategies in plants under changing environment Volume 2
Olive oil sensory science
Handbook on project management and scheduling
Internal combustion engine bearings lubrication in hydrodynamic bearings
Beyond the book
Contesting the Indian city
Ocean-atmosphere interactions of gases and particles
Adaptive filters
Nonlinear systems and optimization for the chemical engineer
Synthetic methods for biologically active molecules
Pitfalls and errors of HPLC in pictures
Designing suburban futures
Literatur und Digitalisierung
Créez vos eBooks
Le livre numérique
Pratiques de lecture et d'achat de livres numériques
Warum Bücher ?
eBooked !
E-book platforms for libraries
Le livre numérique
La forêt en mouvement
Global eBook
The unbound book
Vom Buch zum Byte
Critical foundations in young adult literature
Interaction in educational domains
The stewardship of higher education
Curriculum and the life erratic
Digital representations of student performance for assessment
Internationalisation of African higher education
Evaluation of enzyme inhibitors in drug discovery
Social class, language and power
Technology teachers as researchers
Metastasis and metastability
Aqueous pretreatment of plant biomass for biological and chemical conversion to fuels and chemicals
Business cycle synchronisation and economic integration
Creative leadership signposts in higher education
Meeting the psychoeducational needs of minority students
Body area communications
Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung in Bibliotheken
Purpose, process and future direction of disability research
Banking across boundaries
Between skins
Gestalt therapy around the world
Sustainable catalysis
In-situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts
Sound visualization and manipulation
The Wiley-Blackwell companion to cultural geography
Coal geology
The ebook revolution
Quantum dynamics for classical systems
Control of cutting vibration and machining instability
Chemical ecology of insect parasitoids
Knowledge translation in health care
A history of Old English literature
Designing and conducting business surveys
Heterogeneous electrode processes and localized corrosion
Protein kinase CK2
The design manager's handbook
Protein oxidation and aging
Perinatal stem cells
Stem cells in craniofacial development and regeneration
Food webs and biodiversity
The chemistry of contrast agents in medical magnetic resonance imaging
Mobile ad hoc networking
A companion to modern African art
Nonclinical safety assessment
Aircraft systems integration of air-launched weapons
Key topics in conservation biology 2
How to assess doctors and health professionals
Analysis of electric machinery and drive systems
Click chemistry in glycoscience
Advanced dynamic-system simulation
Lysophospholipid receptors
The ensemble practice
Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and its applications
Computational intelligence
True digital control
Micro cutting
Civil avionic systems
Stress corrosion cracking of pipelines
High-throughput screening methods in toxicity testing
Efficiency and productivity growth
Chronic total occlusions
Time dependent problems and difference methods
Pandemics and emerging infectious diseases
Crystals in glass
Nitrenes and nitrenium ions
Coordination chemistry in protein cages principles, design, and applications
On the practice of safety
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