Francis Willughby (1635-1672)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 22-11-1635
Death : 03-07-1672
Note :
Naturaliste. - Membre de la Royal society of London
Variants of the name : Francis Willoughby (1635-1672)
Francis Willughbey (1635-1672)
Franciscus Willughbeius (1635-1672)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8156 6452

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Francis Willughby's book of games
A brief account of Francis Willughby,... his voyage through a great part of Spain. - [1]
Francisci Willughbeii Ichtyographia ; totum opus recognovit, cooptavit ["sic"], supplevit Joannes Ray... Nunc forma minori [edita].... - [1]
[Latainische Register über die Willughbysche Ichtyologie.]. - [1]
Travels through the Low-Countries, Germany, Italy and France, with curious observations
[Letters and Observations on divers animals.]. - [1]
Francisci Willughbeii,... de Historia piscium libri quatuor, jussu et sumptibus Societatis regiae Londinensis editi, in quibus non tantum de piscibus in genere agitur, sed et species omnes... naturae ductum servante methodo dispositae accurate describuntur. Earumque effigies... artifici manu elegantissime in aes incisae ad descriptiones illustrandas exhibentur. Cum appendice historias et observationes in supplementum operis collatas complectente. Totum opus recognovit, coaptavit, supplevit, librum etiam primum et secundum integros adjecit Johannes Raius,... Appendix ad historiam naturalem piscium. Pisces Indiae orientalis a Joanne Nieuhafs descripti
The Ornithology of Francis Willughby,... In three books wherein all the birds hitherto known being reduced into a method sutable to their natures are accurately described, the descriptions illustrated by most elegant figures, nearly resembling the live birds, engraven in LXXVIII copper plates. Translated into English, and enlarged with many additions throughout the whole work. To which are added three considerable discourses : I, of the art of fowling, with a description of several nets... II, of the ordering of singing birds, III, of falconry, by John Ray,...
Francisci Willughbeii,... Ornithologiae libri tres in quibus aves omnes hactenus cognitae in methodum naturis suis convenientem redactae accurate describuntur, descriptiones iconibus elegantissimis et vivarum avium simillimis aeri incisis illustrantur. Totum opus recognovit, digessit, supplevit Joannes Raius
Brief account of Francis Willughby,... His voyage through a great part of Spain. - [1]

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The wonderful Mr Willughby
Virtuoso by nature

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