Harry Saint John Bridger Philby (1885-1960)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Badulla, Ceylan, 03-04-1885
Death : Beyrouth, 30-09-1960
Note :
Homme politique et orientaliste
Variant of the name : St. John Philby (1885-1960)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2102 3621

Activities of Harry Saint John Bridger Philby (1885-1960) (22)

Auteur du texte (18)

Forty years in the wilderness, by H. St. John Philby
The land of Midian
Sa'udi Arabia, by H. St. John Philby
Epigraphical expedition in Sa'udi Arabia, 1951-52
Arabian Highlands, by H. St. J. B. Philby...
Arabian jubilee, by H. St J. B. Philby
Arabian days
Arabian days, an autobiography, by H. St J. Philby
The Background of Islam
A Pilgrim in Arabia. H. St J. B. Philby
Sheba's daughters
The land of Sheba
The Empty quarter, being a description of the Great South desert of Arabia, known as Rubʿal Khali, by H. St J. B. Philby,...
Rub'al Khali
Arabia of the Wahhabis
The Heart of Arabia. A record of travel and exploration, by H. St. J. B. Philby,...
Central Arabia. Route from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea, from surveys

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Les Textes thamoudéens de Philby...

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Expédition en Arabie centrale

Autre (2)

Arabia : recent explorations H. St J. -B. Philby's routes, 1917 to 1918
Arabia : recent explorations H. St. J. B. Philby's routes 1917 to 1918

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Livres (4)

Saint-John Philby contre Lawrence d'Arabie
The Magnes-Philby negotiations, 1929
Philby père et fils
Deux grands coloniaux anglais. Lawrence et Philby

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