Topic : 1783-1865
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Field : Littératures
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Literature, American style
La quête et l'inquiétude
Jewish philosophical politics in Germany, 1789-1848
A bibliographical description of books and pamphlets of American verse printed from 1610 through 1820
Interfaces of fiction
Early American theatre from the Revolution to Thomas Jefferson
Revolution and the word
A companion to American fiction
Intricate relations
Reading rape
"Face Zion forward"
After Franklin
Pamphlets of protest
Return passages
"The New York weekly museum"
Early American women dramatists, 1775-1860
Politische Autobiographien in der frühen amerikanischen Republik
The plight of feeling
Romances of the republic
American women writers and the work of history, 1790-1860
Fifty Southern writers before 1900
To tell a free story
Revolution and the word
Sensational designs
The American short story [1]
History and myth in American fiction
Die Suche nach nationaler Identität
La Critique littéraire aux États-Unis
Early American plays

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Italoamericana Volume primo
Italoamericana Volume primo

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