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Topic : Anglais (langue) -- États-Unis
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Anglais américain (langue)
Anglais (langue) américain
Anglo-américain (langue)

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Sue & Pierre in America

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El Inglés americano
L'anglais d'Amérique
Anglais américain
L'américain au quotidien
L'anglais d'Amérique
L'anglais d'Amérique
Anglais américain
Anglais américain
Pratiquez l'américain en 40 leçons
Cambridge dictionary of american english
English live
Voie express
In the USA
Cours d'américain de gestion appliqué à la musique

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Anglais pratique
Sue & Pierre in America
Américain intermédiaire
Apprenez l'américain
Business English
Talk to me 2
Talk to me 1

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Guide de conversation américain
Harrap's American English dictionnaire
You talkin' to me ?
American slang
Changes between the lines
Anglais US
Vietnam war slang
Anglais américain
Anglais ou américain ?
Anglais américain
Idiomatic American English
Speaking American
That's amore!
Clear speech
L'argot américain
The dictionary of city names in American slang
White kids
American English in mind
Oxford advanced American dictionary for learners of English
100 % anglais américain
Parlez globish !
American slang and sayings
American English pronunciation
Word for word
Guide de conversation Harrap's anglais américain
An introduction to the pronunciation of North American English
Transcrire l'anglais britannique & américain
Anglais britannique vs anglais américain
The phonetics of sequence organization
Distancing English
I love it when you talk retro
Cookies, coleslaw and stoops
L'américain au quotidien
Anglais américain
L'argot anglo-américain
Studies in etymology and etiology
One language, two grammars ?
The emergence of a new rhetoric since the 1960s
Migration, accommodation and language change
Let's talk turkey
Comparisons of word frequencies in American and British English
Roc the mic right
American voices
Parlez globish !
British or American English?
Language variation and change in the American Midland
Divided by a common language
The new Oxford American dictionary
Anglais ou américain ?
British and American English pronunciation
Do you speak American?
Découvrez le globish
The Oxford dictionary of American English
Linguistic diversity in the South
Wenn von Weissen die Rede ist
The Oxford dictionary of American political slang
Lewis & Clark lexicon of discovery
Mehwort-Cluster in der englischen Alltagskonversation
Parlez globish !
Needed research in American dialects
Mighty fine words and smashing expressions
Understanding African American rhetoric
Understanding storytelling among African American children
Chicano English in context
Voyager aux États-Unis
A is for American
The historical evolution of earlier African American English
Centering ourselves
Sociolinguistic constructs of ethnic identity
Race, ethnicity and dialects
Race and the rise of standard American
Milestones in the history of English in America
Socio- and stylolinguistic perspectives on American Indian English texts
Prison argot
The new Oxford American dictionary
An acoustic analysis of vowel variation in New World English
The Cambridge history of the English language Volume VI
Le conflit linguistique aux États-Unis
Amerikai-magyar kulturális szótár
NTC's dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions
The Facts on File dictionary of American regionalisms
Word watch
Beyond ebonics
Cambridge dictionary of American English
The English history of African American English
Homophones and homographs
The core vocabulary of international English
L'américain de la rue
English with an accent
Signs of diaspora, diaspora of signs
Dictionnaire des locutions et expressions courantes anglo-américaines
L'inglese senza censura
L'americano senza censura
Dictionary of American English pronunciation
A dictionary of modern American usage
Modern American usage
21st century American English compendium
A vocabulary, or collection of words and phrases which have been supposed to be peculiar to the United States of America
Idiom savant
Random House historical dictionary of American slang Volume 2
America in so many words
Speaking freely
Longman dictionary of American English
Focus on the USA
Voicing America
L'américain sans interdits
Words that made America
The origin of American Black English
Blurred boundaries
A Dictionary of American idioms
La pratique courante de l'américain
Made in America
Le mot "democracy" et son histoire aux États-Unis de 1780 à 1856
The mandative subjunctive in American and British English in the 20th century
Vocabulaire anglais et américain
Random House historical dictionary of American slang Volume 1
The African heritage of American English
Grammar in interaction
Faut-il donc simplifier l'anglais ?
Hi ! How are you doing ?
Les mots américains
Voyager aux Etats-Unis
Je pars pour les États-Unis
The Oxford thesaurus
Voix et langages aux États-Unis Tome I
Representative words
A history of American English
The emergence of Black English
Adrienne's dictionary
Forbidden American English
L'anglais par les hits d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
In the field
Voices of the self
Stories, community and place
The American language Supplement II
The American language
Dictionnaire de l'américain parlé
Words of the Vietnam War
Unkind words
The English-only question
New words and a changing American culture
Eloquence in an electronic age
NTC's dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions
Thesaurus of American slang
Speak American
Un Gourmet aux USA
American English spelling
Eloquence in an electronic age
Webster's New world dictionary of American English
Dictionnaire de l'américain parlé
The Jury summation as speech genre
Deutsches Sprachgut im Wortschatz der Amerikaner und Engländer
Good words to you
Van Winkle's return
A Dictionary of American idioms
Yiddish and English
The Politics of American English
New dictionary of American slang
Le Langage américain des affaires
L'Anglais britannique-américain, américain-britannique d'aujourd'hui
The Slang and jargon of drugs and drink
Towards a social history of American English
A Dictionary of slang and unconventional English
A Dictionary of soldier talk
A Second Browser's dictionnary and native's guide to the unknown American language
Language shift in the United States
Black street speech
Longman dictionary of American English
Grammar and good taste
Grammar and good taste
Jazz talk
Relative junctions in written American English
Language of the underworld
Varieties of American English
A Browser's dictionary and native's guide to the unknown American language
American English
Perspectives on American English
Oxford American dictionary
The Jonathan David dictionary of popular slang
Locating language in time and space
American usage and style
The Bantu speaking heritage of the United states
Take a stand
Factive adjectives and the theory of factivity
Standard English in the United States and England
Le parler ordinaire
Les mots américains
Jazz talk
Handbook of American idioms and idiomatic usage
La Langue des Américains
A sociolinguistic description of Detroit Negro speech
A concise dictionary of english idioms
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