Topic : Mādhyamika (sanskrit)
माध्यमिक (sanskrit)
Source file : RAMEAU
Field : Philosophie
Variant subject headings : Mādhyamaka (sanskrit)
Mādhyamayāna (sanskrit)
Mādhyamikāḥ (sanskrit)
Mādhyamikaḥ (sanskrit)
Mādhyamikās (sanskrit)
Śūnyavāda (sanskrit)
Voie du Milieu (bouddhisme)
Voie médiane (bouddhisme)
Voie moyenne (bouddhisme)
माध्यमक (sanskrit)
माध्यमयान (sanskrit)
माध्यमिकाः (sanskrit)
माध्यमिकः (sanskrit)
शून्यवाद (sanskrit)

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The literature of the Madhyamaka school of philosophy in India
Prasannapadā madhyamakavṛtti
The adornment of the Middle Way

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