Allardyce Nicoll (1894-1976)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Glasgow (GB), 28-06-1894
Death : Colwall (GB), 17-04-1976
Note :
Professeur universitaire de littérature et critique théâtral
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8383 4932

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The Garrick stage
The Garrick stage
World drama from Aeschylus to Anouilh
English drama 1900-1930
English drama, a modern viewpoint
The development of the theatre
The theory of drama
The World of Harlequin
The World of Harlequin, a critical study of the Commedia dell'arte, by Allardyce Nicoll
The Theatre and dramatic theory
The Elizabethans, introduced by Allardyce Nicoll
A history of English drama, 1660-1900
British drama
The Development of the theatre
A history of late 19th century drama, 1850-1900
World drama
A history of late nineteenth century drama, 1850-1900...
The Development of the theatre
Stuart masques and the Renaissance stage
Film and Theatre
Masks mimes and miracles
A history of early nineteenth-century drama
The Development of the theatre. A study of theatrical art from the beginnings to the present day by Allardyce Nicoll...
A History of late eighteenth century drama, 1750-1800...
Studies in Shakespeare. Allardyce Nicoll,... Published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf
British drama
A History of early eighteenth century drama (1700-1750), by Allardyce Nicoll,...
A History of Restoration drama, 1660-1700, by Allardyce Nicoll
Nicoll, Allardyce (1894-1976) (EGC)
Readings from British drama. Extracts from British and Irish plays

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The Renaissance stage

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[Critique d'un livre d'Allardyce Nicoll / Review of a book by Allardyce Nicoll] (EGC-Ms-B-1368)