Aleksandr Iakovlevich Khinchin (1894-1959)

Country : URSS
Language : russe
Gender : masculin
Birth : 07-07-1894
Death : 18-11-1959
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0965 7461

Activities of Aleksandr Iakovlevich Khinchin (1894-1959) (9)

Auteur du texte (9)

Mathematical foundations of quantum statistics
Three pearls of number theory
Continued fractions
Continued fractions
An elementary introduction to the theory of probability
Mathematical foundations of statistical mechanics
Mathematical foundations of information theory
La Fisica sovietica, scritti di scritti di M. E. Omelianoski, N. F. Ovcinnicov, A. Ja. Khincin, G. I. Naan, V. Tonini
Three pearls of number theory, by A. Y. Khinchin. [Translated from the 2nd revised Russian edition by F. Bagemihl, H. Komm, W. Seidel.]

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