William Ernest Hocking (1873-1966)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, 10-08-1873
Death : Madison, N.H., 12-06-1966
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1021 2937

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A William Ernest Hocking reader with commentary
Freedom of the press
The coming world civilization
Preface to philosophy
Freedom of the press, a framework of principle...
What man can make of man
Living religions and a world faith
Human nature and its remaking. William Ernest Hocking,...
Thoughts on death and life, by William Ernest Hocking
The Lasting elements of individualism, by William Ernest Hocking
Chu Hsi's theory of knowledge
George Herbert Palmer, 1842-1933. Memorial addresses. [The Philosophy of George Herbert Palmer, by Charles M. Bakewell. - Personal traits of George Herbert Palmer, by William Ernest Hocking. - Faculty minute on the life and service of professor Palmer. Signed : R. B. Perry, W. E. Hocking, C. I. Lewis.]
The Self, its body and freedom, by William Ernest Hocking
Man and the State, by William Ernest Hocking,...
Morale and its enemies, by William Ernest Hocking,...
Human nature and its remaking. William Ernest Hocking,...
The Meaning of God in human experience
Two extensions of the use of graphs in elementary logic. William Ernest Hocking
On the law of history. William Ernest Hocking
Preface to philosophy, textbook, a self teaching course, by William Ernest Hocking, Brand Blanshard, Charles William Hendel, John Herman Randall, jr. [Preface by William Pearson Tolley.]
Types of philosophy, by William Ernest Hocking,...
Colonies and dependent areas, analysis... [by W. E. Hocking.]

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Hocking, William Ernest (NAF 28349 (1-22))

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Experience and certainty
La métaphysique de Hocking

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