Lois de conservation (mathématiques)

Topic : Lois de conservation (mathématiques)
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Field : Mathématiques

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Computing qualitatively correct approximations of balance laws
Hyperbolic conservation laws and related analysis with applications
Recent developments in the numerics of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws
Front tracking for hyperbolic conservation laws
The Noether theorems
Nonlinear conservation laws and applications
Lois de Conservations Eulériennes, Lagrangiennes et Méthodes Numériques
Transport equations and multi-d hyperbolic conservation laws
Mathematical aspects of nonlinear dispersive equations
Biased technical change and economic conservation laws
Analysis and numerics for conservation laws
Systèmes hyperboliques de lois de conservation
Les théorèmes de Noether
Nonlinear stability of finite volume methods for hyperbolic conservation laws and well-balanced schemes for sources
Kinetic formulation of conservation laws
Front tracking for hyperbolic conservation laws
Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
Symmetries and recursion operators for classical and supersymmetric differential equations
Some current topics on nonlinear conservation laws
Symmetries and conservation laws for differential equations of mathematical physics
Systèmes de lois de conservation et stabilité BV

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