Équations différentielles

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Topic : Équations différentielles
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Field : Mathématiques
Variant subject headings : Équations différentielles hypergéométriques
Équations différentielles ordinaires
Equazioni differenziali (italien)

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Les équations différentielles

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Ordinary differential equations and boundary value problems Volume I
The strong nonlinear limit-point - limit-circle problem
Introductory differential equations
Singularities and computer algebra
Autour du théorème de Cauchy-Lipschitz, équations différentielles
Ordinary differential equations
Équations différentielles
Fixed point theory and variational methods for nonlinear differential and integral equations
Mathématiques pour la modélisation et le calcul scientifique
Numerical differential equations
Équations différentielles ordinaires avec applications
Divergent series, summability and resurgence III
Applied impulsive mathematical models
A first course in differential equations, modeling, and simulation
Ordinary differential equations
Applied impulsive mathematical models
Analyse numérique et équations différentielles
Nonlinear interpolation and boundary value problems
Divergent series, summability and resurgence II
Divergent series, summability and resurgence I
Fondements des équations différentielles ordinaires
Surveys in Differential-Algebraic Equations III
Arbeitsbuch zur Linearen Algebra
Fuzzy differential equations in various approaches
Stability of functional equations in banach algebras
Surveys in differential-algebraic equations II
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical models for suspension bridges
Calcul différentiel et équations différentielles
Differential Equations
A Variational Approach to Lyapunov Type Inequalities
Asymptotic integration of differential and difference equations
Rate-Independent Systems
Höhere Mathematik in Rezepten
State-dependent impulses
A guide to numerical modelling in systems biology
Differential equations with MATLAB
Quantum Waveguides
p-Laplace Equation in the Heisenberg Group
Numerical Algebra, Matrix Theory, Differential-Algebraic Equations and Control Theory
Équations différentielles ordinaires et équations aux dérivées partielles
Differential equations
A first course in differential equations
Mathematical Analysis II
Elliptic and parabolic equations
Advanced Functional Evolution Equations and Inclusions
An Introduction to Neural Network Methods for Differential Equations
Applied partial differential equations
The inverse problem of the calculus of variations
Differential equations with involutions
Mathematical Models with Singularities
Mathematical Analysis I
A textbook on ordinary differential equations
Large-Scale Networks in Engineering and Life Sciences
Singular perturbations
A Textbook on Ordinary Differential Equations
Applied Non-Linear Dynamical Systems
Stochastic Analysis and Applications 2014
Current challenges in stability issues for numerical differential equations
A short course in ordinary differential equations
Ordinary differential equations
Algebraic and algorithmic aspects of differential and integral operators
Current challenges in stability issues for numerical differential equations
Progress in Differential-Algebraic Equations
Introductory differential equations
Solution bounds for algebraic equations in control theory
Fully Nonlinear PDEs in Real and Complex Geometry and Optics
Cours et exercices d'analyse
MATLAB differential equations
Periodic solutions of first-order functional differential equations in population dynamics
Advances in Differential Equations and Applications
Introduction to the qualitative theory of differential systems
Difference equations by differential equation methods
Calcul différentiel et équations différentielles
Sequence spaces and measures of noncompactness with applications to differential and integral equations
Variational and optimal control problems on unbounded domains
Cours et exercices d'analyse
Theory of third-order differential equations
A first course in ordinary differential equations
Spectral methods for non-standard Eigenvalue problems
Analisi Matematica II
Ordinary differential equations and mechanical systems
Historical developments in singular perturbations
Optimal Control of Switched Systems Arising in Fermentation Processes
Concrete operators, spectral theory, operators in harmonic analysis and approximation
Differential and differential-algebraic systems for the chemical engineer
A Course on Rough Paths
Model based parameter estimation
Arithmetic and Galois theories of differential equations
Difference and differential equations with applications in queueing theory
Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
Differential equations
Les équations différentielles pour les débutants
Inequalities for the Numerical Radius of Linear Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Analysis II
Stochastic differential inclusions and applications
Walter Gautschi Volume 3
Differential and difference equations with applications
Djairo G. de Figueiredo - Selected Papers
Methods of nonlinear analysis
Operator theory, pseudo-differential equations, and mathematical physics
Pseudo-differential operators, generalized functions and asymptotics
Multipoint methods for solving nonlinear equations
Dynamical systems
Operator methods in mathematical physics
Differential equations, dynamical systems, and an introduction to chaos
Differential equation analysis in biomedical science and engineering
Composite asymptotic expansions
Lyapunov-type Inequalities
Differential equation analysis in biomedical science and engineering
Bifurcation theory of functional differential equations
Single Variable Differential and Integral Calculus
Calcul différentiel, équations différentielles ordinaires et applications
Stochastic analysis and related topics
Complex analysis and differential equations
Kompendium der ANALYSIS - Ein kompletter Bachelor-Kurs von Reellen Zahlen zu Partiellen Differentialgleichungen
Ordinary differential equations
Ordinary differential equations
Topics in fractional differential equations
Mathematics of complexity and dynamical systems
Control of linear parameter varying systems with applications
Homotopy analysis method in nonlinear differential equations
Numerische Behandlung gewöhnlicher und partieller Differenzialgleichungen
Introduction to modeling biological cellular control systems
Normal forms, Melnikov functions and bifurcations of limit cycles
Relative equilibria of the curved N-body problem
Aufgabensammlung Mathematik
Solving differential equations in R
Équations différentielles ordinaires
Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
Équations différentielles ordinaires
Equazioni differenziali non lineari
Non-linear mechanics
Exercices d'analyse complexe et équations différentielles
Algebraic methods in dynamical systems
Exact and truncated difference schemes for boundary value ODEs
A first course in differential equations
Engineering differential equations
Singular perturbation theory
Partial differential equations
Numerische Mathematik
Newton Methods for Nonlinear Problems
Local bifurcations, center manifolds, and normal forms in infinite-dimensional dynamical systems
Arbeitsbuch Mathematik zur Physik
Viability theory
Eigenvalues, embeddings and generalised trigonometric functions
Des équations différentielles aux systèmes dynamiques
Analyse complexe et équations différentielles
Exponentially convergent algorithms for abstract differential equations
Dynamische Systeme
Mathematical and statistical methods for imaging
Calcul différentiel et équations différentielles
Symmetries of integro-differential equations
The analysis of fractional differential equations
Layer-adapted meshes for reaction-convection-diffusion problems
Mutational analysis
Second order differential equations
Calcul différentiel et équations différentielles
Algebra lineare ed equazioni differenziali ordinarie
Differential equations
Mutational analysis
Nonlinear partial differential equations and hyperbolic wave phenomena
Theory of Causal Differential Equations
The Theory of Differential Equations
Partial differential equations
Selected papers on analysis and differential equations
Analyse et contrôle des équations différentielles
Quasi-static state analysis of differential, difference, integral, and gradient systems
The analysis of fractional differential equations
Ordinary differential equations
Stability analysis of impulsive functional differential equations
Implementing spectral methods for partial differential equations
Équations différentielles
Advances in phase space analysis of partial differential equations
Inequalities and applications
Differential equations - geometry, symmetries and integrability
La construction tractionnelle des équations différentielles
Introduction to partial differential equations
Mean Field Theories and Dual Variation
Fractional differentiation inequalities
Ordinary and partial differential equations
Local Lyapunov exponents
An introduction to ordinary differential equations
Differential equations, chaos and variational problems
An introduction to ordinary differential equations
Stability of dynamical systems
Implementing models in quantitative finance
Stability of nonautonomous differential equations
Stability of Nonautonomous Differential Equations
Analisi matematica 2
Handbook of differential equations Volume V
The method of intrinsic scaling
Multiscale problems in the life sciences
Partial differential equations
Algebraic Analysis of Differential Equations
Convergence and applications of Newton-type iterations
Landau-Lifshitz equations
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