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Collection of papers presented at the 16th international workshop on thermal investigation of ICs and systems
15th international worshop on THERMal INvestigations of ICs and Systems
14th international worshop on THERMal INvestigations of ICs and systems

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Zeste de science 11
La minute data Épisode 3

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5th European workshop on thermal protection systems and hot structures

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Machines à froid et pompes à chaleur
Impingement jet cooling in gas turbines
17th International workshop on thermal investigations of ICs and systemsc
Laser cooling of solids
The art of cryogenics
Adaptive cooling of integrated circuits using digital microfluidics
Metastable solids from undercooled melts
The 4th European workshop on hot structures and thermal protection systems for space vehicles
Spacecraft thermal control handbook Volume I
Materials development and processing
Étude numérique du refroidissement par film
Étude théorique et numérique des écoulements et des transferts de chaleur dans les canaux en rotation
Cooling of electronic systems
Cooling techniques for computers
Freezing and melting heat transfer in engineering
Liquid-metal coolants for heat pipes and power plants
Multiphase science and technology
Continuous surveillance of reactor coolant circuit integrity

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