Elkan Nathan Adler (1861-1946)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Londres, 24-07-1861
Death : Londres, 15-09-1946
Note :
Historien et juriste. - Bibliophile
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0909 3686

Activities of Elkan Nathan Adler (1861-1946) (16)

Auteur du texte (11)

The Jews in Persia
The State of the art in Hebraica library automation : American and Israeli standards and practices
Catalogue of Hebrew manuscripts in the collection of Elkan Nathan Adler
A Gazetteer of Hebrew printing, by Elkan Nathan Adler
The Jewish historical society of England
Von Ghetto zu Ghetto, Reisen und Beobachtungen von E. N. Adler... Autorisierte Übertragung aus dem Englischen
On the Samaritan Book of Joshua
About Hebrew manuscripts
Jews in many lands, by Elkan Nathan Adler...
The Persian Jews, their books and ritual. By Elkan Nathan Adler

Éditeur scientifique (5)

Jewish travellers
Jewish travellers
The Adler papyri, the Greek texts edited by Elkan Nathan Adler, John Gavin Tait and... Fritz M. Heichelheim, the Demotic texts by... Francis Llewellyn Griffith,...
Une nouvelle chronique samaritaine
An Eleventh century introduction to the Hebrew Bible being a fragment from the "Sepher ha-ittim" of rabbi Judah ben Barzilai of Barcelona, or the similar work of a contemporary. Edited with an introduction by Elkan Nathan Adler

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