Wilfred Harold Munro (1849-1934)

Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Bristol, R.I., 20-08-1849
Death : Providence, R.I., 09-08-1934
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 7247 8135

Activities of Wilfred Harold Munro (1849-1934) (10)

Éditeur scientifique (8)

Biographical and critical miscellanies
History of the conquest of Mexico
History of the conquest of Peru
History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic
History of the reign of Philip the Second, king of Spain
The history of the reign of the emperor Charles the Fifth
Life of William Hickling Prescott
The works of William H. Prescott

Auteur du texte (2)

"Decies repetita placebit". Picturesque Rhode Island. Pen and pencil sketches of the scenery and history of its cities, towns and hamlets, and of men who have made them famous. By Wilfred H. Munro
The History of Bristol, R. I. The story of the Mount Hope lands, from the visit of the Northmen to the present time, containing accounts of the Indian wars, the character and lives of the early settlers... in Bristol, the events of the Revolution, the privateers of the war of 1812, details of the commerce of the port, and sketches of its distinguished men, by Wilfred H. Munro,...

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