Appalaches (États-Unis)

Topic : Appalaches (États-Unis)
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Variant subject headings : Appalaches (région)
Appalaches (sud)
Appalachia (États-Unis)

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Sprout wings and fly 30 min
Sprout wings and fly

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Appalachian couple

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Black bone
Un an dans la vie d'une forêt
Un an dans la vie d'une forêt
Rereading Appalachia
Every river on earth
Un jardin dans les Appalaches
Hittin' the prayer bones
Hoedowns, reels, and frolics
Appalachian dance
Long-term response of a forest watershed ecosystem
Adult literacy & American identity
Un an dans la vie d'une forêt
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Promenons-nous dans les bois
Inhabiting contemporary Southern and Appalachian literature
Negotiating a perilous empowerment
The Southern poetry anthology
Removing mountains
Six poets from the Mountain South
Un jardin dans les Appalaches
The social life of poetry
Race, war, and remembrance in the Appalachian South
Middle American terranes, potential correlatives, and orogenic processes
Un jardin dans les Appalaches
Mary Breckinridge
Women, work, and family in the antebellum mountain South
Uneven ground
From diversity to unity
Coal and culture
Beyond hill and hollow
An American vein
The social construction of educational leadership
Folk medicine in Southern Appalachia
An archaeological study of rural capitalism and material life
John Fox, Jr., Appalachian author
Slavery in the American Mountain South
Cultural intermarriage in Southern Appalachia
The tangled roots of feminism, environmentalism, and Appalachian literature
From the mountain, from the valley
Appalachians and race
Women, music and faith in central Appalachia
Archaeology of the Appalachian highlands
A history of Appalachia
The mid-Atlantic Piedmont
Ecosystem management for sustainability
Christianity in Appalachia
Geometries and mechanisms of thrusting
Story line
Microtectonics along the western edge of the Blue Ridge, Maryland and Virginia
Appalachia's path to dependency
Printers in Appalachia
The airwaves of Zion
Coal towns
Un'altra America
The Wolfpen notebooks
Appalachian frontiers
The poetics of Appalachian space
Ultramafic rocks of the Appalachian Piedmont
Mélanges and olistostromes of the U.S. Appalachians
The Appalachian-Ouachita orogen in the United States
Appalachian geomorphology
Ghosts of the southern mountains and Appalachia
Apples on the flood
Wood-rotting aphyllophorales of the southern Appalachian spruce-fir forest
Mountain images
Study of the stipitate hydnums from the Southern Appalachian Mountains
Blacks in Appalachia
The Grenville event in the Appalachians and related topics
Shale-slate metamorphism in southern appalachians
Tectonic studies in the Talladega and Carolina slate belts, Southern appalachian orogen
Voices from the mountains
More than land or sky
Power and powerlessness
They shall take up serpents
English folk songs from the Southern Appalachians
Stream sculpture on the Atlantic slope

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