John Heywood (1497?-1580?)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Coventry (?), GB, 1497
Death : Malines, Belgique, 1580
Note :
Écrivain, musicien, auteur d'épigrammes, rénovateur de la scène anglaise
Field : Littératures
Variants of the name : John Heywoode (1497?-1580?)
John Heiwood (1497?-1580?)
John Haywood (1497?-1580?)
John Haywoode (1497?-1580?)
John Heywod (1497?-1580?)
Jhon Heywoode (1497?-1580?)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 6300 3234

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The plays of John Heywood
A Play of love, 1534
The play of the weather
The play of the weather, and other Tudor comedies
John Heywood's A Dialogue of proverbs
John Heywood's Works and miscellaneous short poems. Edited... by Burton A. Milligan
The Play of love, by John Heywood. Edited by Kenneth Walter Cameron
The Pardoner and the frere, the curate and neybour Pratte... 1533
[Witty and Witless]... [c. 15 ?]
John John the husband, Tib his wife and Sir John the priest... 1533
A play of Love
A Play of love... 1534
The Play of the weather... 1533
Two Tudor "shrew" plays. 1) John, Tib and Sir John (by John Heywood). 2) Tom Tiler and his wife (anonymous), edited, with an introduction, note-book and word-list, by John S. Farmer
Of gentleness and nobility... [1535 ?]
The Play of the weather... an unrecorded edition (1906)
The Spider and the fly, together with an attributed interlude entitled : Gentleness and nobility
The Play called the Four P. P.... [1545 ?]
The proverbs, epigrams and miscellanies of John Heywood...
The Pardoner and the friar. - The Four P. P. ... edited with an introduction, note-book and word-list by John S. Farmer
The dramatic writings of John Heywood,...
Four old plays : three interludes, "Thersytes", "Jack Jugler" and Heywoods "Pardoner and frere" ; and "Jocasta, a tragedy", by Gascoigne and Kinwelmarsh ; with an introduction and notes
A Dialogue on wit and folly
A mery play between Johan Johan, the Husbande, Tyb, his Wyfe and Syr Jhan, the Preest
The Play of the Wether. - [7]
The Four Ps. - [1]
Witty and witless. - [2]
The Play of the wether. - [1]
The Pardoner and the friar. - [2]

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