Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : feminin
Birth : 1883
Death : 1976
Note :
Photographe. - Travaille le noir et blanc
Field : Photographie
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 8106 4786

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Dream walking
Poet and his alter ego (James Broughton)
Taïwan leaves
Tapestry and its Designer, Mark Adams and his wife
Man Ray
Leni'in Chartres
Coffee Gallery
Cemetary in France
Saint-Germain Boulevard
On the road Germany
The Unmade bed
Théodore Roethke, poète
Age and its Symbols
Ruth Asawa and her childrens
Self portrait in Geary Street. San Francisco
Imogen Cunningham at the Fun House with two grandaughters
Edward Weston with cats
Madame Ozenfant
My father at 90
Two Callas
Negative of a snake
On Mr Rainier
Double image of Joseph Sheridan
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Anna Freud

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The films of James Broughton. - [2]

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Imogen Cunningham
Imogen Cunningham, 1883-1976
Imogen Cunningham
Imogen Cunningham, fronteres
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Iogen Cunningham, San Francisco

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