Henry Norris Russell (1877-1957)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Oyster Bay, N.Y., 25-10-1877
Death : Princeton, N.J., 18-02-1957
Note :
Docteur en philosophie, ès-sciences. - Astrophysicien, astronome, Princeton university observatory, N.J. (en 1945)
Field : Astronomie
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 0890 255X

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The Arc spectrum of iron (Fe I). Part 1. Analysis of the spectrum based on the work of many investigators and including unpublished studies by Miguel A. Catalan, Henry Norris Russell and Charlotte E. Moore,... Part 2. The Zeeman effect. Dorothy W. Weeks,...
The internal constitution of stars
The Masses of the stars
Molecules in the sun and stars, by Henry Russell
Opacity formulae and stellar line intensities, by Henry Norris Russell
The Composition of the stars, being the Halley lecture delivered on 1 June 1933, by Henry Norris Russell
Mean ionization in stellar atmospheres, by Henry Norris Russell...
On the composition of the sun's atmosphere, by Henry Norris Russell
Is there argon in the corona ? by H. N. Russel and I. S. Bowen
The Presence of predicted iron lines in the solar spectrum and the terms in the arc spectrum of iron, by Charlotte E. Moore and Henry Norris Russell
A Calibration of Rowland's scale of intensities for solar lines, by H. N. Russell, W. S. Adams and C. E. Moore. Preliminary results of a new method for the analysis of stellar spectra, by W. S. Adams and H. N. Russell
An Analysis of the arc and spark spectra of scandium (Sc. I and Sc. II.) by Henry Norris Russell,... Willam F. Meggers,...
The Arc and spark spectra of titanium... by Henry Norris Russell
On the relations between period, luminosity and spectrum among cepheids, by Henry Norris Russell
On the spectra of doubly and trebly ionized titanium (Ti III and Ti IV), by Henry Norris Russell and R. J. Lang
Related lines in the spectra of the elements of the iron group, by Henry Norris Russell
Multiplets in the spark spectrum of iron, by Henry Norris Russell
The Intensities of lines in multiplets, I, II, by Henry Norris Russell
A List of ultimate and penultimate lines of astrophysical interest, by Henry Norris Russell
Celestial mechanics. Report of the Committee on celestial mechanics of the National research council by E. W. Brown,... G. D. Birkhoff,... A. O. Leuschner,... H. N. Russell,...
Notes of ionization in the solar atmosphere, by Henry Norris Russell...
The Theory of ionization and the sun-spot spectrum, by Henry Norris Russell
On the accuracy with which mean parallaxes can be determined from parallactic and peculiar motions. On Majorana's theory of gravitation. Note on cooling by expansion in sunspots. By Henry Norris Russell
Some problems of sidereal astronomy, by Henry Norris Russell
Determinations of stellar parallax, by Henry Norris Russell,...
The Terrestrial abundance of the permanent gases, by Henry Norris Russell and Donald H. Menzel...
Series and ionization potentials of the elements of the iron group, by Henry Norris Russell
Dark "nebulae", by Henry Norris Russell
The Masses and densities of the stars, by Frederick H. Seares. - On the calculation of masses from spectroscopic parallaxes, by Henry Norris Russell
The Terrestrial abundance of the permanent gases...

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Henry Norris Russell, dean of American astronomers

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