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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Creation : 1534
Commercial activities : Éditeur
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Address : The Edinburgh Building Shaftesbury road, CB2 2RU, Cambridge.

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Éditeur commercial (142)

Business explorer 3
New interchange
Dictionnaire Cambridge Klett compact
Essential grammar in use
English with Toby 3
English grammar in use
New interchange 2
Cambridge international dictionary of english
English with Toby 2
Cambridge dictionary of american english
English with Toby 1
The First certificate creative writing disc
Cambridge preliminary english test 02
First certificate avenues
Teaching pronunciation
The Cambridge CAE course
New progress to first certificate
New interchange 1
Telephoning in english
Cambridge first certificate in english 3
The communicative value of intonation in english
Exploring spoken English
Cambridge key english test 1
English for business studies
English for business communication
Discussions A-Z
Atlas of Venus
Activate your English
Active listening
Words at work
True to life
Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL test
Tru to life
Active listening
Changes 3
Changes 2
Staying ahead
Active your english
Interchange intro
Language in use
True to life
Activate your English
Active listening
Active listening
Language in use
Changes 1
Pronunciation for advanced learners of english
Speaking effectively
Short stories
Cambridge skills for fluency
Cambridge skills for fluency
The new Cambridge English course 4
International business english video
Study speaking
Interchange 3
The Australian english course 1
The new Cambridge English course 3
Cambridge skills for fluency
Cambridge skills for fluency
Interchange 2
Language in use
Cambridge proficiency
Cambridge advanced english
English phonetics and phonology
Cambridge first certificate
Progress to first certificate
Cambridge first certificate examination practice 3
Interchange 1
The new Cambridge English course 2
The new Cambridge English course 1
Pronunciation Pairs
Speaking clearly
Learning to learn english
Cambridge proficiency examination practice 3 3
The Cambridge English course
A Way with words 1
A way with words 2
International business english
The Cambrigde english course 3
PET practice tests 1
Intonation in context
The Cambridge English course
Write it
Listening tasks
Meanings into words
Meanings into words
The Web of words
Dramatic monologues for listening comprehension
Communicate 1
Clear speech
A case for english
Notions in english
Over to you
Phonetic drill reader
Poem into poem
Cambridge proficiency
Progress to proficiency
Progress towards first certificate
Cambridge proficiency
Advanced phonetic reader
Reading between the lines
Reasons for listening
Ship or sheep ?
Cambridge first certificate
Sounds interesting
Sounds intriguing
Cambridge first certificate
Speaking naturally
The Cambridge english course 2
Study listening
Study skills in english
The Cambridge english course 1
Task listening
Teaching the spoken language
Telephoning in english
Tree or three ?
Business listening tasks
Beyond works
Better english pronunciation
Understanding ideas
Variations on a theme
Functions of english
Get your tenses right
Great ideas
How to survive in the USA
Inside meaning
Functions of american english
English pronunciation illustrated
English phonetics and phonology
English in medicine
Elements of pronunciation
Elementary task listening
Eight simulations
Learner english
Learning to listen

Éditeur scientifique (2)

The compact NASA atlas of the Solar system
Sky atlas 2000.0

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A list of books printed in Cambridge at the Cambridge University press, 1521-1800
A Stickful of nonpareil
A short history of Cambridge university press
A history of Cambridge university press
Four hundred years of university printing and publishing in Cambridge, 1584-1984
Cambridge university press
The Cambridge university press, 1696-1712
A Tally of types

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