The Christian Science Publishing Society

Language : anglais
Commercial activities : Éditeur, Producteur son, Producteur audiovisuel
Address : 1, Norway Street, Science center, Boston, Mass 02115.
Adresse en France : 4 rue Nocard 75015 Paris, tél : 01 45 75 88 50.
Variant of the name : Science Chrétienne

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God's law of adjustment
Musical inspirations
Does God know about me ?
Inspired careers
Joyful caroling !
Where love is found
God's care is equal to any emergency
God's law of adjustment
We knew Mary Baker Eddy
Beyond age, beyond time
Building of the Mother Church
Peace in the neighborhood
The capacity for joy !
Follow and rejoice
Freedom from stress and pressure
Addiction can be healed
Glory to God
Jobs, careers and our Father's business
Mary Baker Eddy
I love to tell the story
Songs about the Bible
Being a family
Le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne
Miscellaneous writings

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Mary Baker Eddy
The Bible in story and song
Three stories for children
The Bible in story and song
The Bible in story and song

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