Thomas Ravenscroft (1592?-1635?)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : 1592
Death : 1635
Note :
Anthologiste, compositeur et théoricien de la musique
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0000 7357 337X

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Éditeur scientifique (6)

Rounds, canons and songs from printed sources
Pammelia. Deutromelia [sic pour Deuteromelia]. Melismata. By Thomas Ravenscroft. Edited by MacEdward Leach. With an introduction by Matthias A. Shaaber
The courteous knight. - [5]
John Dory. - [6]
Robin lend to me thy bow. - [7]
The Three ravens. - [4]

Auteur du texte (4)

Rounds, canons and songs from printed sources
Benjamin Britten. Our hunting fathers, Op. 8. Symphonic cycle for high voice and orchestra, devised by W. H. Auden. [Textes anonymes et de Auden et Thomas Ravenscroft. Partition de poche]
A briefe discourse of the true (but neglected) use of charact'ring the degrees. - [2]
Treatise of practicall musicke. - [1]

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Renaissance junior consort
Rounds or catches
Rounds or catches

Auteur ou responsable intellectuel (3)

A new and enlarged edition of Cheetham's psalmody, harmonised in score. With an arrangement for the organ or piano-forte...
Dance of death. - [4]
Musique Elisabéthaine

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Rounds, canons and songs from printed sources

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