The Dorsey Brothers orchestra

Country : États-Unis
Creation : 1928
org_stop_date : 1956
Note :
Groupe de jazz fondé en 1928 par les frères Jimmy et Tommy Dorsey qui durera jusqu'en 1935. Les deux frères reformeront le groupe de 1953 à 1956
Variant of the name : The Dorsey Brothers

Activities of The Dorsey Brothers orchestra (70)

Interprète (21)

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The greatest jazz recordings of all time
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The Greatest recordings of the big band era
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But I can't make a man
Coffee in the morning and kisses in the night. - [10]
Charlie Two-Step. - [16]
Between the devil and the deep blue sea. - [2]
Louisiana Hayride. - [3]
Minnie teh Moocher's wedding day. - [12]
The sentimental gentleman from Georgia. - [9]
Shuffle off to Buffalo. - [4]
Sleep, come on and take me. - [7]
Songs of surrender. - [6]
The Spell of the blues. - [2]
The Spell of the blues. - [2]
Forty-second Street. - [11]
St. Louis blues. - [6]

Groupe instrumental (18)

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Spotlight on original Dorsey brothers
Lost in a fog
She's funny that way
Is that religion ?
Mood Hollywood
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Yes indeed !. - Will Cowan, réal.. - [8]
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It's the girl
I've got the world on a string. - [12]
I've got the world on a string. - [12]

Groupe vocal et instrumental (16)

I'll never say "never again " again
Lover, come back to me
My kinda love
Singin' in the rain
Am I blue ?
Mary Ann
Evening star
Persian rug
That's my mammy
Was is dream ?
She's funny that way. - [2]
Deep night
Have a little faith in me. - [2]
Dixie dawn. - [1]
Why did it have to be me ?. - [2]

Orchestre (15)

The original sound of "The 30's"
By heck
Annie's cousin Fannie
Old man Harlem
Down on the Delta
There 'll be some changes made
We just couldn't say "good-bye"
Put that sun back in the sky
Nothing is sweeter than you
'Round evening
The river's taking care of me. - [7]
Congratulations. - [1]
Don't hold everything. - [1]
Tailspin. - [10]

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