American audio prose library Inc.

Country : États-Unis
Commercial activities : Éditeur, Producteur son
Address : PO Box 842, MO 65205, Columbia, Mo. .
Variant of the name : AAPL

Activities of American audio prose library Inc. (79)

Éditeur commercial (79)

An interview with Erskine Caldwell
An interview with Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas Llosa reading The War of the end of the world (bilingual excerpts)
The volcano lover
David Bradley reads The Chaneysville incident (excerpts)
An interview with David Bradley
An interview with James Crumley
James Crumley reads The last good kiss (excerpts)
James Joyce reads selections from Ulysses, Finnegans wake
An interview with Jayne Anne Phillips
Jayne Anne Phillips reading Machine dreams (excerpts) and"Souvenir"(short story)
E. L. Doctorow reading"The Writer in the family","The Leather man"(short stories)
An interview with E. L. Doctorow
Annie Dillard reads"Total eclipse", an essay from Teaching a stone to talk
Edmund White reads A boy's own story, Nocturnes for the king of Naples, The beautiful room is empty (excerpts)
An interview with Annie Dillard
An interview with Edmund White
An interview with Shirley Ann Grau
Shirley Ann Grau reads"Flight"(short story) from Nine women
Chinua Achebe reads Anthills of the Savannah and Arrow of God (excerpts)
An interview with Chinua Achebe
Ernest Gaines reads A gathering of old men (excerpts)
Grace Paley reading"A conversation with my father","Friends"
An interview with Ernest Gaines
An interview with Grace Paley
An interview with Louise Erdrich
An interview with Richard Ford
An interview with Russel Banks
Louise Erdrich reads The beet queen, Love medicine (excerpts)
Richard Ford reading the Sportswriter (excerpts) and"Rock springs"(short story)
Russel Banks reads Continental drift (excerpts)
An interview with Tom McGuane
Tom McGuane reading"Dogs","The Skirmish", The rescue", short stories from"To skin a cat"
Alison Lurie reads Only children (excerpts)
An interview with Alison Lurie
An interview with James Baldwin
An interview with Jim Harrison
An interview with Paule Marshall
An interview with William Kennedy
James Baldwin reads Just above my head (excerpts)
Jim Harrison reading Wolf, Legend of the fall, Farmer, Sundog (excerpts)
Paule Marshall reads Brown girl, Brownstones, Praisesong for the widow (excerpts)
William Kennedy reading The Ink truck, Legs, Billy Phelan's greatest game... [etc.]
Erskine Caldwell reading"Handsome brown and the aggravating goats","Warm river"(short stories)
An interview with Margaret Atwood
An interview with Ray Carver
An interview with Toni Morrison
Lolita and poems read by Vladimir Nabokov
Margaret Atwood reading"Unearthing suite"(short story)
Ray Carver reading"Nobody said anything","A serious talk","Fat", short stories from Where I'm calling from
Toni Morrison reads Tar baby (excerpts)
An interview with William Goyen
William Goyen reads"Ghosts and flesh, water and dirt","Old wild wood","Precious door"
Alice Walker reads"Nineteen fifty-five"(short story)
An interview with Alice Walker
An interview with Jerome Charyn
An interview with Robert Coover
An interview with Stanley Elkin
An interview with William Gass
Jerome Charyn reading Secret Isaac (excerpts)
Norman Mailer reads Miami and the siege of Chicago, An american dream, Armies of the night (excerpts) and interview [with Kay Bonetti]
Robert Coover reading"Beginnings"(short story)
Stanley Elkin reading The living end (excerpts)
William Gass reads"The old folks"from The tunnel (a novel in progress)
Carlos Fuentes reads from his novel, The Campaign, and talks about revolution and crisis in Latin America
Charles Bukowski reads"Do you use a notebook ?"from his collection Dangling in the Tourneforcia
Gardner, John... reads Grendel (excerpts)
Gary Snyder reads poems from Riprap ans essays from The Practice of the wild, talks about the Wild in nature and poetry
Joyce Carol Oates reads from Marya and"Where are you going and where have you been ?"and discusses the unchanging author's voice
Ken Kesey reads from his novel Sailor's song and talks about environmentalism and his 20-year hiatus from fiction
Paul Auster reads from his novel Leviathan and talks about Thoreau, America, political activism and conceptual art
Susan Sontag reads from her novel The volcano lover, and talks about the romance and the historical novel
Tess Gallagher
William Burroughs reads excerpts from Cities of the red night and discusses plagues, nuclear holocaust, and writing
William Burroughs reads excerpts from Place of the dead roads and talks about dreams, ESP, space travel and death
William Kennedy reads from his novel, Very old bones, and talks about gloom, humor, and Albany in his fiction
William S. Burroughs reads from his novel Western lands Part 1
William S. Burroughs reads from Western lands and talks about cut-ups, Egyptian myth and centipedes II
Margaret Atwood reads from"A handmaid's tale"and talks about this futuristic fable of misogyny as compared to Orwell's 1984

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