John Joubert (1927-2019)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : Le Cap (Afrique du Sud), 20-03-1927
Death : 07-01-2019
Note :
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1440 9550

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Fair with her firstborn
Sinfonietta for chamber orchestra, by John Joubert. Opus 38
John Joubert. Concerto for piano and orchestra. Piano solo with accompaniment arranged for second piano...
John Joubert. The Holy mountain. A canticle for S. A. T. B. chorus and two pianos, opus 44. Vocal score with piano reduction...
John Joubert. Octet for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet and double bass, opus 33. [Study] score...
John Joubert. Leaves of life. A ballad-cantata for soli, SATB chorus and piano... [Op. 41]
Libera plebem. Motet for S. A. A. T. B. B. (unaccompanied). Words by Sedulius Scottus.... Music by John Joubert. Opus 19
John Joubert. Passacaglia and fugue for organ, opus 35...
Symphony n° 1, opus 20, by John Joubert...
John Joubert. Urbs beata. A cantata for tenor and baritoni soli, chorus and orchestra. [Op. 42. Réduction chant et piano]
John Joubert. Missa Beati Ioannis. SATB chorus and organ. Opus 37
Christ is risen. Anthem for SATB and organ.. Music by John Joubert. Opus 36
John Joubert. Trio for violin, viola and violoncello [op. 30]
O tristia secla priora. Motet for S. A. T. B. (unaccompanied). Words by Eugenius Vulgarius.... Music by John Joubert. Opus 32
John Joubert. Sonata in one movement, for piano, [opus 24]
John Joubert. Dance suite for piano... [Opus 21]
John Joubert.... Pro pace. A cycle of three motets [for unaccompanied choir]
John Joubert. Solus ad victimam. Motet for S. S. A. T. B. B. (unaccompanied). Words by Peter Abelard.... [Opus 29]
John Joubert. Sonata for viola and piano, op. 6
There is no rose
There is no rose
There no rose

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