Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1884-1962)

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Vienne, 1884
Death : 1962
Note :
Botaniste. - Sinologue
Field : Linguistique générale
Variants of the name : Joseph Francis Rock (1884-1962)
Joseph Franz Rock (1884-1962)
Joseph Rock (1884-1960)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1025 6315

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Auteur du texte (16)

Joseph Franz Rock
A monographic study of the Hawaiian species of the tribe Lobelioideae family Campanulaceae
A ⁽1Na-⁽2Khi - English encyclopedic dictionary... 1
A ⁽1Na-⁽2Khi - English encyclopedic dictionary...
The life and culture of the Na-khi tribe of the China-Tibet borderland
The Amnye Ma-chhen range and adjacent regions, a monographic study by J. [Joseph] F. Rock,...
The Na-Khi nāga cult and related ceremonies... by J. F. Rock,... [Preface by Giuseppe Tucci.]
The 'Muan Bpö ceremony, or the sacrifice to Heaven as practiced by the 'Na-'khi
The Ancient Na-Khi kingdom of Southwest China, by Joseph F. Rock...
The Romance of 2K'a-2Mä-1Gyu-3Mi-2Gkyi
Studies in Na-khi literature
The Nichols Mo-so manuscript of the American geogr. Society
The Zher-Khin tribe and their religious literature
Sungmas, the living oracles of the tibetan church
The land of the Tebbus
Konka Risumgongba, holy mountain of the outlaws

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Na-Khi manuscripts Part 1-2

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Quentin Roosevelt's China
À la recherche du royaume
Joseph Franz Rock

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