William Simpson (1823-1899)

Country : Grande-Bretagne
Language : anglais
Gender : masculin
Birth : Glasgow, GB, 28-10-1823
Death : Londres, 17-08-1899
Note :
Peintre et graveur. - Correspondant de guerre, illustrateur pour différents journaux britanniques, en particulier l'"Illustrated London News"
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 1022 0099

Activities of William Simpson (1823-1899) (62)

Dessinateur du modèle (44)

Kamiesch. ; Vue de la base francaise d'opérations
Hospital and cemetery at Scutari
Ditch of the Bastion du Mât
Bastion du Mat, from the Central Bastion
The North side of the harbour of Sebastopol From the top of the harbour. - 22.nd June 1855
One of the wards of the hospital at Scutari
Interior of Fort Nichola
Camp of the 4.th Division. July 15.th 1855
Redan and Advanced trenches of British right attack
The Admiralty, Sebastopol
Disembarkation [sic] of the expedition to Kertch at Kamisch Bournou and the blowing up of St Paul's battery
Distant view of Lord Raglan's head quarters before Sebastopol
Embarcation of the sick at Balaklava
The field of Inkermann
The gale off the port of Balaklava 14.th Nov. 1854
Graves at the head of the harbour of Baklava
The graves in the fort on Cathcart's hill. of the officers 4.th Division who fell at Inkermann
A hot night in the batteries
Huts and clothing for the army
The Investiture of the Order of the Bath. At the head quarters of the British Army before Sebastopol
Kertch from the North
Lord Raglan's head quarters at Khutor-Karatch
The new works at the siege of Sébastopol on the right attack From the mortar battery, on the right of Gordon's battery
A quiet night in the batteries A sketch in the Greenhill battery (Major Chapman's). 28.th Jan.y 1855
The railway at Balaklava Looking south
Sebastopol from the East or Extreme Right of the English attack
Sebastopol from the rear of the English batteries
Second charge of the Guards when they retook the two gun battery, at the battle of Inkermann
Sentinel of the Zouaves, before Sevastopol
Sketch in the interior of the Mamelon Vert Looking South
Straits of Yenikale with the bay and town of Kertch. from the old fortress of Yenikale
The town batteries or interior fortifications of Sebastopol, From the advanced parallel of Chapman's attack, 23 June 1856
The Valley of Baidar from near Petroski's villa. - Looking East
Valley of the Tchernaya. Looking North
View from the heights above Balaklava, looking towards Sebastopol, shewing [sic] the ground of the battles of the 25.th Oct.r and of the 5.th Nov.r 1854 and the line of our defense since the 25.th Oct.r
Balaklava, looking towards the sea
Balaklava shewing [sic] the state of the quays & the shipping in May 1855
The camp of the 1.st Division looking North towards the camp of the 2.nd Division [etc.]
Camp of the naval brigade, before Sebastopol
The Camp of the second division, looking East
The cavalry affair of the heights of Bulganak. The first gun. 19.th Sep.r 1854
Cavalry camp July 9.th 1855
Charge of the light cavalry brigade. 25.th Oct. 1854. Under Major General the Earl of Cardigan
A Christmas dinner on the heights before Sebastopol

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The Autobiography of William Simpson,... (Crimean Simpson), edited by George Eyre-Todd,... illustrated with many reproductions of Simpson's pictures...
The Jonah legend, a suggestion of interpretation, by William Simpson,...
Oriental art and archaeology, by William Simpson,...
A Souvenir of the war of 1870-1, from the commencement to the fall of Paris. Illustrated with portraits of eminent personages and generals... With views of Strasbourg, Sedan, and Metz, by William Simpson, esq., a history of the war by Henry Holl,...
The Seat of war in the East

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[Recueil. Oeuvre de William Simpson]

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Excavated church in the caverns at Inkermann looking West
Fortress of Yenikale Looking towards the sea of Azoff
Interior of Lord Raglan's head quarters

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The battle of the Alma showing the decisive charge of the Highlanders brigade under Sir Collin Campbell supported by the guards and fusiliers

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