Hannah Humphrey (17..-18..)

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Country : Grande-Bretagne
Gender : masculin
Birth : 17..
Death : 18..
Commercial activities : Éditeur
Note :
Éditeur et marchand d'estampes londonien
Variants of the name : Henry Humphrey (17..-18..) (anglais)
Georges Humphrey (17..-18..) (anglais)
ISNI : ISNI 0000 0001 2253 6568

Activities of Hannah Humphrey (17..-18..) (60)

Éditeur commercial (59)

Buonaparte leaving Egypt
German-luxury or Repos à l'allemande
A French gentleman of the Court of Louis XVIth
Practor urbanus : "Inauguration of the Coptic mayor of Cairo", preceded by the Procureur de la Commune
"Tirailleur français et chevau léger de l'armée du pacha de Rhodes"
Mamlouk et hussard republicain
Exit Liberté a la françois ! -- or -- Buonaparte losing the farce of Egalité, at St Cloud near Paris Nov.r 10th 1799
The Magnanimous ally
"L'Insurrection de l'Institut amphibie"
The High German method of destroying vermin at Rat-Stadt...
L'Infanterie Francaise en Egypte - Le Genéral L'Asne converted to Ibrahim Bey
Exit Liberté à la françois ! or Buonaparte closing the farce of Egalité, at St Cloud near Paris Nov.r 10th 1799
Théologie à la turque
Egyptian Sketches extracted from the Portfolio of an ingenious young Artist attached to the Institut National at Cairo, which was found on board a Tartane intercepted on its Voyage to Marseilles
The State of the War or the Monkey-Race in danger
Les Membres du Conseil des Anciens
Destruction of the French collossus
Shrine at S.T Ann's Hill
The Storm rising, or the Republican Flotilla in danger
L'Avocat de la Republique
Le Boureau
Buonaparte hearing of Nelson's victory swears by his sword to extirpate the English from the earth
Fighting for the dunghill or Jack Tar settling Citoyen François
Habits of new French legislators, and other public functionaries
John Bull taking a lunchen or British cramming old grumble-gizzard with bonne chère
Juge de paix
Juge du tribunal correctionnel
The Loyal toast
Membre de la Haute Cour de justice
Membre du Directoire Exécutif
Les Membres du Conseil des Cinq Cents
Messager d'Etat
Le Ministre d'Etat, en grand costume
Nelson's victory or Good news operating upon loyal feelings
President d'administration municipale
Le Trésorier
French democrats surprizing the royal runaways
Glorious reception of the ambassador of Peace on his entry into Paris
French-telegraph making signals in the dark
Egalité, ci devant noble
A Paris belle
A Paris beau
Camille Desmoulins
Sans-culottes feeding Europe with the bread of Liberty
The Zenith of French glory, the Pinnacle of Liberty
The Heroic Charlotte la Cordé upon her trial....
A Democrat, or Reason & Philosophy
The Zenith of French glory _ the pinnacle of liberty
Dumourier dining in state at St James's, on the 15th of May 1793
The French invasion or John Bull bombarding the bum-boats
Louis the 16th and his family
The Bishop of a tun's breches
Un petit souper, a la parisienne : - or - a Family of sans-culotts refreshing, after the fatigues of the day
Taking physick or the news of shooting the King of Sweden !...
"The Rights of man" or Tommy Paine, the little American taylor, taking the measure of the crown for a new pair of Revolution-breeches
Anecdote maçonnique
Neithe war nor peace!

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