National Weather Service. États-Unis

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Country : États-Unis
Language : anglais
Creation : 1870
Variants of the name : États-Unis. Department of agriculture. Weather Bureau
États-Unis. Department of Commerce. Weather Bureau
États-Unis. Environmental science services administration. Weather Bureau
National oceanic and atmospheric administration. National Weather Service. États-Unis
Weather Bureau. États-Unis

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U.S. Department of commerce. Weather bureau. World weather records
Current federal meteorological research and development activities
Bibliography on meteorological satellites...
Proceedings of the International meteorological satellite workshop
The Thunderstorm, report of the Thunderstom project, a joint project of four U.S. Government agencies : Air Force, Navy, National advisory committee for aeronautics and Weather bureau. Horace R. Byers, director. Roscoe R. Braham, Jr., senior analyst
Climatological data...
U.S. Department of agriculture. Weathey bureau. Report of the brother bureau
U.S. Department of commerce... Weather bureau... Daily river stages...
Report of the international meteorological Congress, held at Chicago, III., August 21-24, 1893... Part III. Edited by Oliver L. Fassig,...

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